Italy Photo Diary

With kind of a last minute planning (for my standard), we decided to go to Italy for Brian’s spring break. At first I was very skeptical and stressed about the whole trip because we used a trip planning service we’ve never used before, didn’t have a lot of time to think through it before booking the tickets (pretty much decided Italy would be fun, found a good deal, and booked it immediately). On top of that, going to a country where I don’t speak the langue of always makes me really nervous. But I’m SO glad we went! Italy truly is a magical place.

For our trip, we visited Milan, Como, and Venice. And although I have visited other parts of Italy before when I was younger, I have to say this trip left me speechless and wanting more. Each city made lasting impression on me in different ways,  each with their unique flare and personality. I really love the mix of architecture, design, and fashion in Milan; Nothing compare with all the inspiration you get from walking around the streets (even the people are so fashion forward). The beautiful view and quietness in Como was the perfect place for some R&R; Everything takes a slower pace and even walking in the rain feels relaxing. I have always heard Venice is a beautiful city, but being charmed by it’s magic in person really is an unparalleled experience; every corner you turn is another breathtaking view to take in, definitely the photogenic city I’ve been to yet.

These are just some of the photos I took from my trip (all on an iPhone 8Plus), but they really cannot do the cities justice. I will be reliving my trip through these photos and already cannot wait to go back to visit!

Italy Photo Diary

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