The art of letting go

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Letting go is never easy, whether its physically or emotionally.  To me, getting rid of clothes I no longer wear is both a physical and emotional challenge.  The physical challenge is actually putting in the effort to sort through the items and separate them in to the “absolutely don’t need”, “maybe” and “keep” pile, and the emotional part is actually letting them go – either donating or selling.

I have set aside the must have items for my capsule wardrobe challenge for the past 2 seasons so I have a pretty good idea of what items I wear and what I really don’t need, but I still have them hanging around because I just haven’t had time and was not ready to let the items I no longer need go.  So recently I decided it’s time to put my foot down and clean out all the stuff, for real.

I started using Poshmark as many of you may have already know, not only do I use it to shop for great deals, I also sell some of my clothes, shoes and accessories that are still in great shape on there (you can visit my closet here).  I find that actually listing the items up online and see them all really helps me realize how many items I don’t need, and instead of just having a pile sitting in my room running the risk of me regretting putting them in the donation pile, listing them feels more firm and concrete.  To me, once it’s listed there’s no going back.  Well, you can always delete the listing, but you know what I mean.

So far I’ve cleaned out 2 drawers of stuff for donation and sell, and this is after me already gone through a purge when I moved up from Atlanta last April.  This definitely helps put things into perspective, and I hope this will also help me not buy things I don’t need.

The art of letting go

A new way to shop

IMG_9540Rose & Fig // Barbour Beadnell jacket, Sam Edelman flats

I have a confession to make… I’m addicted to online thrifting!  Recently I’ve started shopping on eBay and apps like Poshmark and Tradesy to find bargains thanks to the influence of one of my dearest friend Jess from Rose & Fig.  She started this “Nothing New” challenge at the beginning of 2014, where she will not buy anything new or retail clothing wise for a whole year (you can read more about her journey on her blog).  I was very inspired by her way of shopping so I started exploring myself!

When I first started, it was very overwhelming as there are so many things you can find, you really need to pay attention and do a lot of research on what you want to buy before you do because most of the items you cannot return, but it gets easier as you go.  The bidding process is thrilling, it is also very satisfying when you find something that you’ve been wooing and ahing over that’s practically brand new for less than half the price!  It’s also a way to find limited edition items that’re sold out.  It’s a good approach for those who have a smaller budget and are willing to spend time digging, or for those who loves thrifting.

So far I’m having a great experience and have found some awesome items for a fraction of the retail price, from now on I will definitely be checking them first before I make another full price purchase.  How do you feel about shopping used?

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A new way to shop