On my mind lately #9

Continuing with the distressed trend, I haven’t been able to keep my mind off distressed denim shorts.  Like the slouch jeans, I’m really loving the relaxed fit with a little extra cover length wise.  I haven’t own a pair of denim shorts in a long time, and I think the last pair I had was a tight fitting booty shorts… Definitely years ago.

With the temperature rising and my friend Jess’ bachelorette party around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout for a nice pair of denim shorts that is comfortable enough, can embrace the roughness of camping and music festival but still look adorable. Here are my picks!

denim shorts

  1. Treasure&Bond Cuffed Boyfriend Shorts
    The lighter wash is perfect for the summer!  A more noticeable distressed look is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway, some funky music festivals or just lounging around the house.
  2. DL1961 Karlie Boyfriend Shorts
    A medium wash is not usually something I would go for, but for some reason I really love the old, worn out color of this pair.  I love the contrast between the distressing and the wash of the denim, not too extreme but very noticeable.  The length is also very appropriate for anything ranging from hanging out with friends or brunch with the family.  My only complain is that the distressing look too symmetrical, but nothing a little DYI can’t fix.
  3. Madewell Denim Boyshorts: Rip and Repair Edition
    Another lighter wash shorts with some conservative rips.  Adding a patch underneath the rip so it’s not as revealing, and the boyfriend fit style makes it look more relaxing.
  4. Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Cuffed Denim Shorts
    One of the shorter pair of the bunch, I think this pair will be perfect for a beach or lake day where you can go knee deep into the water without worrying getting your shorts wet.
  5. 7 For All Mankind Relaxed Denim Shorts
    A clean, true denim blue is a classic. It will go nicely with any tops and be dressed up or down.  To me, this is a more conservative (some might say boring) choice, but you can never go wrong with classic!
  6. rag & bone Destructed Boyfriend Shorts
    Always go with something black you want something with a little more edge.  Not your traditional denim and certainly not the first color most people would think of when it comes to summer, but sometimes a nice pair of black shorts can really bring some heat to the outfit.

*images taken from Nordstrom.com*

On my mind lately #9

On my mind lately #8

This S/S it’s all about distressed jeans.  Honestly I think this trend has been happening for quiet a while now, but I have been choosing to avoid it mainly because it’s not practical for me to buy them since I can’t wear them to work which is about 70% of my week.  But just because I shouldn’t buy them doesn’t mean I can’t look and admire from afar!

I’ve been craving a good pair of slim boyfriend fit distressed jeans that I can lounge around in recently.  I did some digging and searching online and found a few pairs that I really love and have been dreaming about how they’ll look on me.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to justify getting a pair, but for now this will do.

distressed slouch jeans

  1. Zara Vintage Wash Ripped Cigarette Jeans
  2. Madewell The Slim Boyjean: Patched-Up Edition
  3. Madewell The Slim Boyjean: Rip and Repair Edition
  4. J.Crew Broken-In Boyfriend Jean in Keough Wash
  5. STS Blue Joey Destroyed Boyfriend Jean
  6. BLANKNYC Good Vibes Distressed Skinny Jeans
On my mind lately #8

On my mind lately #6

I’ve been doing so good with not thinking about buying anything lately hence the lack of “On my mind lately” posts… Until now.  I know this item of choice with spring right around the corner might seem like a strange one, but there’s a reason for that!  Recently I’ve been loving/uncontrollably watching YouTube videos by Claire Marshall from HeyClaire and I’m seriously obsessed with her style – a little edgy, feminine, sexy, relax and cool all together.  I love how everything she wears seem so comfortable and easy but still put together and shows a lot of personality.

I know my style is not as cool or edgy and I might never be able to pull off some of the outfits she wear especially with my work environment, but I still seriously love her style and think I might be able incorporate a few items into my wardrobe to add a little edge to it.  And then comes the leather jackets!

It’s been a fashion stable for a lot of people and it’s an awesome piece to throw on to add some edge to your outfit, but I was never really into the whole cool girl street style leather jacket look because I think it’s a little too stiff for my style and has a little too much edge that I don’t think I can pull off.  But after researching and seeing lots of bloggers wearing them and how they turn them into an item that works well with many different style, I started reconsidering giving them a chance.  I’m still not sure if I can pull it off or if it’ll ever be a stable item of mine, but it’s definitely something I’m open to trying.

Below I’ve picked out a few that are in a more affordable price range for beginners like me to try out first before investing in a $500 + piece that might not work for you.  Hope you enjoy!

leather jacket

  1. Zara Studded Jacket
  2. Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket
  3. Zara Leather Biker Jacket
  4. Mango Leather Biker Jacket
  5. Mango Mixed Leather Biker Jacket
  6. Mango Zipped Biker Jacket

*images taken from respected retail websites*

On my mind lately #6

New jeans on the block

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of jeans, mainly because as a petite girl it’s hard to find a pair that fits you well.  I love my Loft jeans that I purchased this summer but they’re all ankle length and don’t seem to be thick enough for the winter, so the search for a pair(s) of thicker denim started.

I’ve been eyeing some mid to high waisted jeans for a while, they seem pretty on trend and even though I’ve never had a pair, I’ve always liked the fact that it sits higher (don’t need to worry about constantly making sure it’s pulled up) and makes your legs longer which is a major plus for petite girls like me.  I saw this pair of Rivet and Thread Extra High Skinny Jeans on Madewell and fell in love with the wash/style, I knew it was a little higher than a normal high waisted jeans, but still wanted to try and see how I like the fit so I ordered a pair when it was on sale during Christmas.  At first it felt really weird to wear such high waisted jeans and I wasn’t sure about the look because I’m not used to it, but I kept it anyway because it was so comfortable!

After having a pretty good experience with this pair of jeans from Madewell, I went on eBay to look and see if there are any available for cheaper than retail so I can try them out without breaking the bank.  I stumble upon this pair of High Riser Skinny Skinny in Atlantic for less than $30 (currently selling for $125 on Madewell.com still), once I  tried it on I knew this is going to be my new go-to fit!  I love how it sits on the waist – high but not too high, it’s also extremely comfortable even when sitting down for an extended period of time, which is very important to me because I wear jeans to work quite often.  I was very lucky to find a pair that fits me perfectly on the first try, especially on a site like eBay where return sometimes is not an option.  I ended up finding another pair of black ones a week ago also for less than $30, I’d say I’m one lucky girl.

Now that I have 3 pairs of jeans in my go to shades (dark denim and black), I’d say my search for denim is over… for now!

New jeans on the block

On my mind lately #1

Instead of buying and blogging, I’m starting this series of “on my mind lately” where I can share with you items that interest me in, limiting to one style/category per post.  This way I get to introduce multiple items in different style/color/fit at once and at the same time not break my bank (and the rule of my capsule wardrobe challenge).

To celebrate the arrival of cool weather, the first installment I’ll be talking about some of the Parkas that I’ve been styling in my mind for the even colder weather time.  Take a look at my picks!

  1. 1 Madison Faux Fur Trim Anorak Parka is this little gem I found while browsing Nordstrom!  I was actually looking for a military green parka but stumble across this “dark olive” one and I’m completely in love with the detail of this jacket.  It is not too busy, not too boring, and the gold buttons add a little touch to the look of the jacket which makes it just interesting enough but not overwhelming.  The shape of this parka is also more feminine, less military like and more coat like.  The color is darker compare to the normal military green parka so it doesn’t appear as casual.  I also really love the length as it goes halfway down your thighs which helps keeps you warm with the extra cover in the winter (that extra 6 inches really makes a difference).
  2. ASOS Parka With Detachable Faux Fur Lining & Hood in Tobacco is a parka that is cute and sexy at the same time.  I like the color of the fur compare to the other 2 color option because it seem more mature.  This one is even longer that covers down almost to your knees which is amazing!  You also have the adjustable waist and bottom option where you can tighten it up to avoid wind blowing up your jacket.  The one down side with this jacket for me is that it has those strings where you can adjust according to you waist size are exposed instead of hidden on the inside of the jacket, which could be annoying when using the bathroom (just being realistic here…) and can also be caught on things if you’re not careful.
  3. Piperlime Collection Faux Fur Anorak is pretty much what I had in mind when I started my search for a military green parka style jacket!  A relaxed style jacket that hits just below hips makes it a perfect fit for a petite girl like me.  The faux fur lining also makes it more interesting when the jacket is unzipped, and the color green is beautiful.  The only issue I have with it (or with the website to be exact) is that I cannot see the exterior detail of the jacket, the front view only shows you the image above and it’s pretty much impossible to tell how the jacket will look when zipped, which is one of my concerns because I’m picky with the way they look when zipped as it will most likely be how I would wear it in the winter.
  4. H&M Lined Parka is the cheaper option of them all.  I like how sophisticated and clean it looks, the fur collar I can imagine will keep your neck warm and fuzzy at all times.  This “parka” looks more like a coat compare to the others especially if you take off the detachable hood, which makes it a great option if you want something with a more formal look.  It does not specify online whether it is fully lined or not, and I doubt it will be warm enough for below 30 weather if it’s not.  So if your winter gets below 30 I would suggest find one in the store and check it out first.  And if anything this is a great late fall/early winter jacket.
  5. S13/NYC Adirondack Faux Fur Lined Parka has a super fuzzy fur lining on the inside that looks so comfortable I just want to snuggle in it.  It looks more fluffy compare to the other ones, which gives it more of a cute vibe, but the military green and style of the outer shell still has a cool/edgy feel.  It is also a little shorter compare to the other, which has a more playful and casual look in my opinion.  Again, not sure if the sleeves are lined with fur as it did not specify on the website, but even with just the body being lined with fur I think it will be cozy enough for slightly below 30 weather.

The one down side about shopping online is you can never be quite sure on what the quality of the jacket is going to be – Is the fur going to be soft to the touch?  Is the lining thick enough for snow days?  Is it going to be comfortable?  Will it itch? – So I definitely suggest going to the store and try them on, or if they’re not available in store you can always order and return if they don’t work out (thank goodness for free shipping and return on the majority of the sites).

*images from the internet*

On my mind lately #1

No hesitation


Ladies and gents, the J.Crew Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest is back in stock!!  For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s this gorgeous vest that popped up on the fashion radar about 2 years ago.  It was worn in outfit posts everywhere and you can not go through a Women’s Fashion page on Pinterest without seeing at least one pin about it.  It was every girl’s dream vest.

I saw it on the J.Crew website back then but hesitated on purchasing because it was a little pricey for me at the time (I was still in college back then), so I waited for a while before I decide to purchase.  But I was too late, it was sold out everywhere.  I tried so hard looking for it, constantly checking J.Crew website hoping it would be back in stock, going to different stores asking them to dig through their stock room, I even went on eBay but the ones on there were at least 2x the original price (not going to lie I thought about buying it, but my inner conscience stopped me). I was sad, exhausted, and defeated.

Today I was browsing through Bloglovin and came across the {the one that got away} post by Comfortably Chic (thank you thank you thank you for posting), at first I thought it was just another post about how beautiful this vest is and how it’s no longer available…  But I was very very wrong and I couldn’t be happier!  This vest is back in stock on J.Crew Factory!  I squealed when I saw the news and immediately went on to the website to ordered myself one.

For those of you that have been dreaming about this vest for the past 2 years, go grab it while it’s still in stock (all sizes are available right now), it is not on sale right now but who knows how long they’ll be available for.  Of course you can always take your chances and play the waiting game for a sale on J.Crew Factory, but all I have to say to the ones that are brave enough to do so is…  May the odds be ever in your favor.

Happy Friday everyone!

*image from J.Crew.com*

No hesitation