Bite beauty lip lab NYC


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to this post, but better late than never!

I have a couple of Bite Beauty Lipsticks and I love the formula, so Back in October when I took a trip to NYC, I knew I couldn’t pass on the chance to visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and create some for myself. I opt for the standard color option instead of customizing a color for myself, and ended up spending more than half an hour picking out the colors I want (definitely very glad I didn’t go custom because I might be there all day trying every color combo possible).

With the 2 color options I picked out a MLBB neutral color in their Amuse Bouche formula and a deep berry color in their matte formula. I really enjoy the experience of trying out different colors/formula leisurely and without having to clean out each lipstick before I try them like when you have to do in store. It is funny to see the colors I’m drawn to in the tube and the colors that I actually like when it’s on me. I think I’m starting to get a hang of picking out the correct color for myself. I forced myself to picked out a bold, fun color because I already have so many nude lipsticks and really want to branch out and add some bold lip options to my collection, and I’m so happy with the berry color I picked out. It’s so perfect for fall and winter and the matte formula is extremely comfortable and not drying. It’s not as matte as M.A.C. but I find that even though I love the look of matte lipsticks, I don’t usually like the way they apply on me and if they’re super matte it usually makes my lip look really wrinkly and old, so the Bite Beauty matte formula is perfect for me. I know they don’t do that formula anymore on Sephora and it might be something you can only get at the Lip Lab, so I would definitely recommend you trying it if you get a chance!

It was truly a treat getting to pick out your own color and see them making it into a tube. It would be perfect as a girls date, mother daughter date, or just as a gift for the special beauty lover in your life. The next time you visit NYC and have some time to spare, definitely check it out!

Bite beauty lip lab NYC

2 Years of MLBB

If you’re reading this post, I want to say thanks for celebrating 2 years of Everything Shyusized with me!

To mark 2 years of this blog, I thought it would be fun to recap all the neutral, my lips but better everyday lipsticks I’ve collected over the past 2 years. Some of them might not necessary be your traditional nudes, but to me they’re the perfect neutral shades for my lips.

From left to right:

MAC Lipstick in Twig– A rose/pink with a little bit of brown that is perfect for the fall and winter time. Since my lips are very pigmented, I like to have full coverage when it comes to lipsticks. This color compliments the colder months perfectly and the Satin finish provides great coverage like the Matte formula but without causing dryness.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Stark Naked– One of the lighter, more traditional nude color with a slight peach undertone that’s perfect for spring and summer. I love the formula for the Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick because  they’re super creamy. And even though it provides a matte finish, it feels very hydrating on the lips.

Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick in Premiere – Another light pink with brown undertone, but this one is slightly less intense on my lips compare to Twig. These Lorac lipsticks are one of my favorites, I really love the creaminess of the formula and the color payoff is amazing. .

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb – A classic beige nude with an amazing formula from Bite Beauty. This is the newest of the bunch and I’ve been wearing it nonstop since I got it. A creamy formula with a citrus scent, its very pleasant to apply and has great color payoff. I also love the matte packaging with the curve on top, it gives a slightly different twist from your traditional lipstick packaging.

MAC Lipstick in Patisserie – A very beautiful pink/nude, with the Lustre finish which is slightly sheer compare to the others in the bunch, but it is a great no mirror lipstick to keep in your purse when you’re on the go.

Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick in Vanity –  This dusty rose color looks very natural on me. It is my go to color, and dare I say the favorite of the bunch. It has enough warmth in the color that makes me look very healthy when applied. It is however on the darker side of the neutral so it might not work for everyone, but it’s perfect for me.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1993 – When I find a formula I like, I tend to stick with it (as you can probably see on all the repeats above). 1993 is perfect for the winter time when you are going for a darker look, but in the spring and summer if I’m not careful, it could make me look ill. It definitely pulls more brown on me compare to some others.

2 Years of MLBB

Prepping fall lips

Fall is definitely the time for dark, bold, berry color lips, but as pretty as they look on your pout, those extremely pigmented formula are usually a little tougher on the lips. For fall I try to pay extra attention to my lips, keeping chapsticks and lip balms close by. I’m not very picky with my lip balms as long as they have great lasting power and are not sticky. Above are some that are in my current rotation, some were gifts, some were picked up at a grocery store because I was running low. I like them all and find each to be appropriate depending on the time and place.

I usually use the Mary Kay Satinlips in the morning to prep my lips or during the day on the weekend when I’m not going anywhere and don’t really need anything super rich, the formula of this one is not as thick and feels kind of like vaseline which is nice and light weight for first thing in the morning. I have the Burt’s Bees Chapstick in my purse, I like it because it’s an easy one to carry around and is very hydrating and creamy so it’s perfect for when I need a little something extra when I’m outside. I keep the Aveda Lip Saver by my bed side and apply before bedtime, it is super rich and creamy and sometimes can be a little heavy, but I think it’s perfect for bed time when I won’t be able to reapply for a while. I’ve mentioned the Sisley Parie Confort Extreme Leveres Lip Balm before, this stuff is seriously amazing and I can’t say enough, but at an extremely high price point I’m trying to stretch it for as long as I can, so I haven’t been using it as frequently, only when I feel my lips absolutely need it.

Prepping fall lips

Oh so peachy

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I saw the packaging of the Clinique Pop Lip range on ghostparties and it got my attention immediately.  I love the simple, sleek, square and colorful packaging!  And after reading about how it’s both moisturizing and pigmented, I was sold.  I love trying new lip products though I have more than enough in my stash to last me years, some things a girl just can’t say no to.

I strayed away from my normal mauve/nude tone color and picked out the color Melon Pop – A nude tone color with a hint of peach and coral.  I haven’t purchased a fun, bright color in a while and with spring right around the corner, I thought it’s a good time to add one to my stash.  At first seeing a brighter color on myself was kind of shocking, because I haven’t used one in so long and the color really stands out, but after I got over the initial shock, I remembered why I like makeup with peach undertone so much in the warmer months.  It works so well with my darker skin tone, brightens up my face, makes me look more alive and gives me an effortless sun kissed look.

Though the Lip Pop color is pigmented, since my natural lip color is a little darker around the edge I think it’ll work best if I line it with a nude lip liner first so the color shows up more evenly.  The formula feels like a lip balm and is very moisturizing, making it a great product to take on the go because you don’t have to worry about having to prep your lips before applying the lipstick.

Another plus of this new range from Clinique is that it has a pretty wide range of colors – Bold reds, vibrant pinks, different hues of neutral, you name it.  You will have plenty of options when it comes to this moisturizing lipstick!  Have you picked out your favorite Lip Pop color yet?

Oh so peachy

On my face today #8

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Mixing up my daily makeup, today I’m forgoing my standard eyeliner and using some eye shadow instead.  I’m loving the colors in this palette as it’s not the normal nude, but still looks natural enough on your eyes.  It’s also nice to have an all in one palette for my face that includes a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter, no need to worry about packing multiple items when you’re on the go.

Eyeshadow and I weren’t friends before this year, mainly because I didn’t know how to apply it and I always thought I look weird with them on, but now that I’m slowly getting used to applying it, I find that eyeshadow works very well when you’re in a hurry.  A swipe on the lids and using your fingers to blend if you’re on the go without having to worry about precision like when you’re using a liner.

I’m also turning to lipsticks more and more recently because my lips get so pale and dry in the winter which looks terrible.  I’m currently loving the neutral colors and the formula of the Patisserie, and am considering investing in another MAC lipstick, I see a little haul in the near future…

On my face today: Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette // Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown // MAC Lipstick in Patisserie

On my face today #8

Natural nude

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Last week after seeing Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup (my favorite beauty blogger!) talked about these L’Oreal Colour Riche Collection lipsticks on her channel, I just had to get my hands on one.  I swung by the Target by work during my lunch break and thank goodness they have all of them in stock!  I literally stood there for a good 30 minutes swatching and just admiring the different shades of nude in this collection.

I picked up Eva’s Nude as it is the best match for my skin tone, the color is pigmented with a little sheen to it, giving you a fuller lips effect, and the formula is very smooth, leaving my lips feeling very hydrated and comfortable after applying.  Remember me saying the MAC Patisserie was my MLBB?  Well I would say this one is the even better version, especially for fall and winter.  It has more of a brown under tone where as the Patisserie has more pink, allowing it to create a more warm and natural look when applied (for me).

Needless to say I’m loving this purchase!  They also have other options for different skin tone, all the colors are gorgeous and I think the packaging is also very wonderfully done.  I would definitely recommend you stop by your local drugstore to try them out because it’s totally worth it, especially with the very affordable $8.00 price tag!

Natural nude

Breakthrough performance

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I’ve been on a lipstick binge lately, so when I saw these Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipsticks on sale for $10 I immediately ordered myself 2, Vanity – a dusty rose, and Premiere – a soft rose.  I wasn’t expecting much from them because I haven’t heard much about them at all, but when I received them and tried them on they’re surprisingly great!

The formula is so creamy and doesn’t dry the lips out, and the colors are very rich and beautiful.  I really really love Vanity because the hint of brown makes it less kiddish and more professional, a mature version of my MLBB!  The packaging is very interesting, I wasn’t sure how I feel about it at first but it has grown on me.  The gun metal grey gives it an edgy, contemporary and futuristic look, it is very different from the majority of packaging out there which I kind of like.

Overall I’m pleasantly surprised by these lipsticks, breakthrough performance indeed.  Whether you’re looking for a stable for everyday use or just want to add more varieties to your collection, these babies are definitely worth the investment!

Breakthrough performance