For the marble lovers 


When I saw this lovely CLIC Marble case by Native Union on Tamira’s blog, I was on the mission to hunt it down so I can have it when I upgrade my phone.

These unique cases feature a thin slice of real marble, and they come in both black and white so you got both end of the spectrum covered. Even though they’re made with real marble, the case itself is not as heavy as you would expect, and it looks truly beautiful in person.

Native Union also have a gorgeous charging cable and marble base set with a 10 ft long cable that will be perfect to add to anyone’s office or night stand, and phone cases made with other beautiful materials including wood, leather, metal and a drop proof option. I personally really love the style of the drop proof CLIC 360, it has a great color selection and I think it would be a perfect gift for those that are looking for something more sturdy and protective for their phone.

For those of you that knows someone that’s marble obsessed, loves unique pieces for their tech gadgets, or just loves a good, clean and elegant design, I highly recommend checking out Native Union!

For the marble lovers