Prepping fall lips

Fall is definitely the time for dark, bold, berry color lips, but as pretty as they look on your pout, those extremely pigmented formula are usually a little tougher on the lips. For fall I try to pay extra attention to my lips, keeping chapsticks and lip balms close by. I’m not very picky with my lip balms as long as they have great lasting power and are not sticky. Above are some that are in my current rotation, some were gifts, some were picked up at a grocery store because I was running low. I like them all and find each to be appropriate depending on the time and place.

I usually use the Mary Kay Satinlips in the morning to prep my lips or during the day on the weekend when I’m not going anywhere and don’t really need anything super rich, the formula of this one is not as thick and feels kind of like vaseline which is nice and light weight for first thing in the morning. I have the Burt’s Bees Chapstick in my purse, I like it because it’s an easy one to carry around and is very hydrating and creamy so it’s perfect for when I need a little something extra when I’m outside. I keep the Aveda Lip Saver by my bed side and apply before bedtime, it is super rich and creamy and sometimes can be a little heavy, but I think it’s perfect for bed time when I won’t be able to reapply for a while. I’ve mentioned the Sisley Parie Confort Extreme Leveres Lip Balm before, this stuff is seriously amazing and I can’t say enough, but at an extremely high price point I’m trying to stretch it for as long as I can, so I haven’t been using it as frequently, only when I feel my lips absolutely need it.

Prepping fall lips

A week in outfits #9

I honestly can’t tell if it’s winter or fall here this past week, it went down to the 30s last weekend and we’ve been floating around the 40s and 60s throughout the week.  However, I’m loving the layering I get to do with all the coats, sweaters and scarves!  I got this new scarf from Madewell and I am so in love!  It is so warm and there are so many possibilities to style them (see here for inspiration), and since the capsule wardrobe challenge restrict me from buying new clothes, scarf is a great accessory to change up my everyday look!

Hope y’all are having a great week!


Loft Flecked Button Down Shirt | J.Crew Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest | Loft Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans in Destructed Perfect Blue | Sam Edelman Becker Calf Hair Slip On


Lou & Grey Gold Coast Zip Jacket | Loft Plaid Henley Blouse (similar here) | ASOS Warehouse Elastic Midi Skirt | BCBG booties


Target chambray shirt | Loft Modern Faux Leather Trim Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans | Loft Ankle Strap Boots | Madewell Scarf (similiar here)


The North Face jacket | Uniqlo Flannel Check Long Sleeve Shirt | Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans In Saturated Rinsed Wash | Loft Side Zip Booties


Tobi Scarf | Lou & Grey Honeycomb Sweater | North Face jacket | Loft Modern Faux Leather Trim Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans | Nine West boots (old)


The North Face jacket |  J.Crew Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest | Loft Flecked Button Down Shirt | Loft Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans in Destructed Perfect Blue | Loft Side Zip Booties

A week in outfits #9

Fall picking

A few weeks ago Brian and I took a trip to Homestead Farm for my first ever apple picking experience!  Since I grew up abroad, I didn’t get to do a lot of the kid activities they do here in America, so I’m playing catch up now in my adult years, and honestly I think it is just as fun doing it as a young adult.  I loved being outdoor on a nice fall day, breathing in the crisp air and taking in the view of the greenery.  We had so much fun picking out the perfect pumpkin and finding the best apples, we’re trying to see what other types of “picking” we can do in different seasons!

What have you been up to this fall?

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Fall picking

On my mind lately #3

Cold weather calls for chunky sweaters, and recently I especially love the ones with interesting high neckline.  Keeping the neck warm is tricky, you either have to have a nice big scarf, or something in the line of a turtleneck which reminds us of one of the outfits from one of the characters from “That ’70s Show” and makes you cringe just thinking about it.  But this year I’m seeing the high neck style sweaters making a comeback, and it’s a good one.

I’ve picked out a few that looks to be super cozy knits for the cold weather, they will be great layering pieces for wearing over a collared shirt for the high neckline, or wearing over a dress or skinny jeans for the chunky turtlenecks.

highneck sweaters

  1. J.Crew Factory Warmspun Turtleneck Sweater – Simple and straight forward, I think this style is a perfect staple for the winter, the neck is not too tight but not too loose.
  2. Zara Long Cable Stitch Sweater – I usually stray away from sweaters with slits on the side because they’re really just not that practical.  But since the slit for this one is not as high as some of the other ones I’ve seen, and with high waist jeans/pants being the trend right now, it’s a good option for adding something interesting to your sweater collection.
  3. Zara High Neck Cable Knit Sweater – A more fluffy, cute option of the bunch.  This sweater has a more rounded fit, giving it a more friendly and cozy look.  I like the little knit detail on the sweater as it creates some interest.
  4. Zara Knit Square Sweater – Another one with the slit, but this one the slit barely touches your hip.  I like the neck that’s just long enough to do a fold but short enough you can wear it without folding it down, giving you options to create any look you want.
  5. ASOS Chunky Sweater in Rib Stitch with Funnel Neck – The high neck that hits the middle of your neck, I usually don’t really like these as it makes me feel like it’s chocking me, but the style of this one looks cool and I think it could be a cool piece to have as a not so typical staple.
  6. ASOS Sweater with High Neck in Chenille – A old school high neck in a beautiful deep navy blue that is dark enough to look more grounded, but not too dark to make you look dull and tired.  It’s also a good option as it goes well with all colors.
On my mind lately #3

Candle addict

FullSizeRenderI scored these awesome smelling candles from T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago, they’re made by this brand called DW Home based in California, I’ve never heard of them but I’m really glad I stumble upon them!  I love the minimalist branding and packaging, and for those of you that knows me know that a good packaging design is definitely one of my weaknesses, especially ones I can save and use for other purposes later on (I’m envisioning one of them being my new brush holder and the other a mini flower vase for the room!).  The woodwick is unlike any candle I’ve ever purchased, I was kind of skeptical at first thinking it will burn through the candle really quickly, but I’m pleasantly surprised and almost think I prefer the woodwick because since they hold their shape you don’t have to worry about it burning off center and creating an uneven burn in your candle.

I love them both, but right now I especially love the Alpine Citrus because it reminds me of Christmas, and sitting by the fire with a big Christmas tree by your side is one of the most relaxing scene I can think of during the colder months.  The Black Rose Oud is also very beautiful, more on the sweet floral side that will be very fitting for spring.  I don’t think they’re widely available yet, so if you’re interested in trying one make sure to keep an eye out when you’re at T.J. Maxx!

Candle addict

A week in outfits #8

It has gotten pretty chilly here in DC so I’ve been trying to come up with more creative ways to layer my capsule wardrobe pieces.  I’m really loving the collared shirt under a sweater look recently, I think it adds a more formal/professional look and make me look more studious than I actually am, haha.

I didn’t really put any coats into my fall capsule wardrobe as I wasn’t expecting it to get cold this soon.  I’m still adjusting and getting familiarize with the weather here since I moved up from Atlanta just 6 months ago, this will be my first fall/winter in DC and I just hope my winter wardrobe is warm enough for it.  I might be introducing some winter pieces early (and rotate out the fall, in a 1 for 1 type of replacement) that will be carry over to my winter capsule wardrobe, but so far I’m doing well with my challenge and I’m very proud of myself!  How is your fall going?

Loft silk collared shirt | Lou & Grey Texture Dot Sweater | Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans In Saturated Rinsed Wash | Loft Ankle Strap Boots

Lou & Grey Honeycomb Sweater | J.Crew Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest | Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans In Saturated Rinsed Wash | Nike Free 5.0

IMG_8781Loft Knit Button Down Shirt | Lou & Gery sweater | Loft Modern Faux Leather Trim Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans | Loft Ankle Strap BootsIMG_8804

Loft Flecked Button Down Shirt | H&M blazer | Loft Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Supreme Blue Wash | Loft Side Zip Booties

IMG_8816Target chambray shirt | Lou & Grey Doubleface Tee | J.Crew Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest | Loft Modern Faux Leather Trim Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans | Sam Edelman Becker Calf Hair Slip On

A week in outfits #8

A week in outfits #6

This “A week in outfits” post is the official start of the documentation of my fall capsule wardrobe, so far I’m enjoying finding out different ways to pair the items in my wardrobe, and it has help me to be more creative and explore more options with them.  Let me know what you think!


Loft Plaid Henley Blouse (similar) | |North Face jacket | Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans In Saturated Rinsed Wash | Air and Space boots from Taiwan (old)


Lou & Grey jacket | Loft Flecked Button Down Shirt | Loft Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Supreme Blue Wash | BCBG booties


Loft silk collared shirt |  J.Crew Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest | Loft Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Supreme Blue Wash | Loft Side Zip Booties


Target chambray shirt | Lou & Grey top | Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans In Saturated Rinsed Wash | Loft Ankle Strap Boots


Lou & Grey Doubleface Tee | Tobi Scarf | North Face jacket | Topshop Leigh Jeans | Loft Ankle Strap Boots


Lou & Gery sweater | Loft scarf | Loft Modern Faux Leather Trim Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans | Nine West boots (old)

A week in outfits #6

The wish list: Lou & Grey Fall 2014

fall wishlist

Fall has arrived which means more dark, rich jewel tone and more cold weather material are taking over.  Here I’ve gathered a few items that I love on Lou & Grey that might help you build your fall wardrobe! (from left to right, top to bottom)

Lou & Grey Utility Pants – A deep navy color that is just dark enough for the fall, but colorful enough to add some fun into your outfit.  The relax fit is not only comfortable, but also gives you the cool, casual chick look.

Lou & Grey Peppered Silky Sweatshirt – The picture doesn’t do it justice, I saw (and touched) this shirt in person, the silky material is very nice and makes it an item that can be dressed up for work, but it is also comfortable enough to be literally, a sweatshirt.

Lou & Grey Ottoman Stripe Dress – I’m loving all the deep colors Lou and Grey is adding in their collection.  This dress is simple, straight forward like your typical stripe dress, but in a beautiful burgundy color.  Also the pockets, gotta love a dress with pockets.

Lou & Grey Specklestripe Dolman Top – Another play on the classic stripe shirt, in a darker color and cool speckle print on the stripe.  A shirt that will fit right in for an afternoon sitting on your porch drinking hot coco.

Lou & Grey Brushstroke Tunic – Recently I’ve been obsessed with this rich indigo color, it is not the warm red that is in right now, but I think this is the cool sister that will work great with girls that normally lean towards cooler tone outfits.

Lou & Grey Leather Front Leggings – You really can’t kick start fall without leggings, especially leather leggings!  This pair of legging gives you the chick biker girl look on the front, but still have the comfort you look for when wearing leggings on the back.  The best of both worlds.

*images from*

The wish list: Lou & Grey Fall 2014

Capsule wardrobe | Fall 2014

FullSizeRenderProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetFullSizeRender (1)Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Getting ready for a capsule wardrobe is harder than I thought, the main challenge is that there are so many things in my wardrobe that are relative new so I want to be able wear them when I can.  I’m also a person that loves to have options so I wanted to have some “just in case pieces but I know I shouldn’t.  For me the hardest part of organizing this wardrobe is that I had to learn to let go of things and be confident of what you picked .  I don’t think I did a great job yet, but it is my first capsule wardrobe and I hope to improve as I go.

During the preparation of my capsule wardrobe, I notice I usually reach for the light grey, cream, off white, or darker rich jewel tone tops that has a comfortable fit when I’m in a hurry because they work with my skin color and make me feel confident even when I don’t have a lot of makeup on.  So when I started to build my closet I picked items with these qualities as they’re the fail proof, look good and feel good colors I can depend on on the days where I just don’t feel pretty.  I think this was an important realization because this helps me narrow down what I want in my closet and prevents me from buying items I think look great on the model but in real life never really fit my style.

Here’s a basic rundown/overview of what’s in my closet, stay tune for some outfit posts on how I work with them!

In my wardrobe (tops x 15):

Most of my tops are in neutral tone or gray scale which is the easiest to dress for and mix and match.  My tops are mostly plain or have very muted patterns, with a few stripes and a few plaid/flannel (where most of the colors come from) mixed into it.  I’m keeping the pieces very basic, no crazy cuts or fits in my closet as I realize I never really reach for them because they’re hard to dress for.

In my wardrobe (outerwear x 9):

For this category, I’ll most likely be switching some of these jackets for my winter coats when December rolls around, but I will replace one for another so I can keep it the same count, and the ones I add in will be rolling over to my winter capsule wardrobe.  For now, I have a few jackets from previous years that I will be rocking this fall, including 2 blazers, 2 vests, a zip up collarless jacket and some cardigans.  I also have a casual jacket/windbreaker and a raincoat from The North Face for utilitarian purposes.

In my wardrobe (bottom x 10):

For my bottoms I’m keeping things simple, other than the 4 new pair of jeans I got from Loft, everything else is what I already have, including a pair of lounge style sweat/track pants, a pair of shorts in case of warmer weather, a black midi skirt and some leggings.  I’m also keeping a navy and yellow floral pattern pencil skirt out in case it’s warm enough during my visit to Atlanta for our homecoming game.

In my wardrobe (shoes x 9):

The main focus of my shoe wardrobe is of course – boots.  There are 2 addition to my shoe closet this season as I mentioned here that my 2 go-to are falling apart (tho I’m not ready to let go yet…).  I don’t have many flats included in my wardrobe because I haven’t found a pair that I think looks good on me in a long time, so I turn to the alternatives such as sneakers and slip-on since my work doesn’t require me to wear traditional (formal) office wear.

Capsule wardrobe | Fall 2014

A week in outfits #4

This week’s outfits are very fall oriented, lots of darker, rich colors and pieces from my fall capsule wardrobe.  I think I have my tops set and ready to go, so now I just need to figure out the bottoms.  My capsule wardrobe is starting later than I anticipated because of the crazy weather here, but like Caroline from Un-Fancy said, the good thing about this challenge is it’s flexible, there’re no set rules and you can create your wardrobe and schedule in a way that suits you best.

I’m really excited about doing the capsule wardrobe challenge because I think it will help me tame my bad shopping habits.  I feel like it has improved already but we’ll see how going 3 months without shopping will do to me after this fall challenge… I hope I survived and succeed *fingers crossed*.

photo 1 (18)

Uniqlo Flannel Check Long Sleeve Shirt | Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans In Saturated Rinsed Wash | Air and Space boots from Taiwan (old)

photo 2 (19)

Loft Plaid Henley BlouseWarehouse Elastic Midi Skirt | Topshop Rochelle Sandal

photo 3 (15)

Lou & Grey sweater (old) | J.Crew Factory Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest | Abercombie jeans (old) | Black booties from Taiwan

photo 4 (10)

Loft Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Supreme Blue Wash | Loft Textured Scoop Neck Sweater | Kate Spade flats (old)


Loft Flecked Button Down Shirt | Loft Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans in Destructed Perfect Blue | Cutout boots from Taiwan

A week in outfits #4