The perfect denim

The search for the perfect denim seems like a never ending task for every girl. I’m not big on boyfriend or flare because I’m so short and they just don’t look as nice on me unless I’m wearing heels (which rarely happens), so my closet consists of lots of skinnies and that’s usually the only fit I look at when I shop for denim. I’ve tried many brands of skinny jeans, but none fit me like the Madewell High Riser. They’re so comfortable to wear and the material is a good weight unlike a lot of the other ones out there that feels more like legging jeans instead of real denim. I love the “legs for days” rise especially for my short legs, the way they fit make my proportion look better but at the same time not too extreme to the point where it looks a little too forced.

I’ve been on the hunt for more shades of Madewell High Riser Skinny since this last post, so far I’ve acquired 2 more, and am almost tempted to get another black pair as a back up because I love them so much!

Have you tried the Madewell High Riser yet?

The perfect denim

On my mind lately #9

Continuing with the distressed trend, I haven’t been able to keep my mind off distressed denim shorts.  Like the slouch jeans, I’m really loving the relaxed fit with a little extra cover length wise.  I haven’t own a pair of denim shorts in a long time, and I think the last pair I had was a tight fitting booty shorts… Definitely years ago.

With the temperature rising and my friend Jess’ bachelorette party around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout for a nice pair of denim shorts that is comfortable enough, can embrace the roughness of camping and music festival but still look adorable. Here are my picks!

denim shorts

  1. Treasure&Bond Cuffed Boyfriend Shorts
    The lighter wash is perfect for the summer!  A more noticeable distressed look is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway, some funky music festivals or just lounging around the house.
  2. DL1961 Karlie Boyfriend Shorts
    A medium wash is not usually something I would go for, but for some reason I really love the old, worn out color of this pair.  I love the contrast between the distressing and the wash of the denim, not too extreme but very noticeable.  The length is also very appropriate for anything ranging from hanging out with friends or brunch with the family.  My only complain is that the distressing look too symmetrical, but nothing a little DYI can’t fix.
  3. Madewell Denim Boyshorts: Rip and Repair Edition
    Another lighter wash shorts with some conservative rips.  Adding a patch underneath the rip so it’s not as revealing, and the boyfriend fit style makes it look more relaxing.
  4. Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Cuffed Denim Shorts
    One of the shorter pair of the bunch, I think this pair will be perfect for a beach or lake day where you can go knee deep into the water without worrying getting your shorts wet.
  5. 7 For All Mankind Relaxed Denim Shorts
    A clean, true denim blue is a classic. It will go nicely with any tops and be dressed up or down.  To me, this is a more conservative (some might say boring) choice, but you can never go wrong with classic!
  6. rag & bone Destructed Boyfriend Shorts
    Always go with something black you want something with a little more edge.  Not your traditional denim and certainly not the first color most people would think of when it comes to summer, but sometimes a nice pair of black shorts can really bring some heat to the outfit.

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On my mind lately #9

On my mind lately #8

This S/S it’s all about distressed jeans.  Honestly I think this trend has been happening for quiet a while now, but I have been choosing to avoid it mainly because it’s not practical for me to buy them since I can’t wear them to work which is about 70% of my week.  But just because I shouldn’t buy them doesn’t mean I can’t look and admire from afar!

I’ve been craving a good pair of slim boyfriend fit distressed jeans that I can lounge around in recently.  I did some digging and searching online and found a few pairs that I really love and have been dreaming about how they’ll look on me.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to justify getting a pair, but for now this will do.

distressed slouch jeans

  1. Zara Vintage Wash Ripped Cigarette Jeans
  2. Madewell The Slim Boyjean: Patched-Up Edition
  3. Madewell The Slim Boyjean: Rip and Repair Edition
  4. J.Crew Broken-In Boyfriend Jean in Keough Wash
  5. STS Blue Joey Destroyed Boyfriend Jean
  6. BLANKNYC Good Vibes Distressed Skinny Jeans
On my mind lately #8

New jeans on the block

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of jeans, mainly because as a petite girl it’s hard to find a pair that fits you well.  I love my Loft jeans that I purchased this summer but they’re all ankle length and don’t seem to be thick enough for the winter, so the search for a pair(s) of thicker denim started.

I’ve been eyeing some mid to high waisted jeans for a while, they seem pretty on trend and even though I’ve never had a pair, I’ve always liked the fact that it sits higher (don’t need to worry about constantly making sure it’s pulled up) and makes your legs longer which is a major plus for petite girls like me.  I saw this pair of Rivet and Thread Extra High Skinny Jeans on Madewell and fell in love with the wash/style, I knew it was a little higher than a normal high waisted jeans, but still wanted to try and see how I like the fit so I ordered a pair when it was on sale during Christmas.  At first it felt really weird to wear such high waisted jeans and I wasn’t sure about the look because I’m not used to it, but I kept it anyway because it was so comfortable!

After having a pretty good experience with this pair of jeans from Madewell, I went on eBay to look and see if there are any available for cheaper than retail so I can try them out without breaking the bank.  I stumble upon this pair of High Riser Skinny Skinny in Atlantic for less than $30 (currently selling for $125 on still), once I  tried it on I knew this is going to be my new go-to fit!  I love how it sits on the waist – high but not too high, it’s also extremely comfortable even when sitting down for an extended period of time, which is very important to me because I wear jeans to work quite often.  I was very lucky to find a pair that fits me perfectly on the first try, especially on a site like eBay where return sometimes is not an option.  I ended up finding another pair of black ones a week ago also for less than $30, I’d say I’m one lucky girl.

Now that I have 3 pairs of jeans in my go to shades (dark denim and black), I’d say my search for denim is over… for now!

New jeans on the block

Built for comfort

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Last month thanks to Loft’s jeans ads, I started reconsidering my choice of super form fitting (read: tight) jegging style skinnys.  After getting a pair and seeing how nice they are, I ended up purchasing 2 more pairs – the Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans in Destructed Perfect Blue and the Petite Curvy Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans in Saturated Rinse Wash.

I’m really pleasantly surprised because they are extremely comfortable and not at all what I remembered denim being.  The Loft jeans have very beautiful washes, they also fit me very nicely and are reasonably priced, though figuring out which fit (Modern, Curvy, Petite Modern, Petite Curvy) is best for me in each style was kind of tricky…  I really love all 3 pairs I got and I have no doubt they’ll be my stable from here on out, so stay tune for some outfit posts with them in the near future.

Hope y’all had a wonderful week, and happy Friday!

Built for comfort

50 shades of denim

50 shades of denim

I’ve been on a jeans craze lately, mainly because my 2 go to pair are from 2010 (read: olddddd), but also thanks to Loft‘s heavy promotion on jeans this month.  I was a little skeptical at first because their jeans did not fit me well at all 3 years ago when I worked there, but they claim that they’ve changed the sizing and fit of their jeans and the promo pictures for them just look so nice, so I got suckered into their marketing ploy and grabbed 2 pairs, the Boyfriend and the Relaxed Skinny in petite.

When they arrived they didn’t fit the way I was expecting them to, didn’t taper in enough or too snug/loose at the wrong places…  I was disappointed but at the same time I was also kind of expecting it.  A few days later I went to the store to return them, I saw the Relaxed Skinny Jeans in my size but regular length, I decided to give it one last try before I finally give up on Loft jeans.  Well what do you know, this pair fits like a glove!  A relaxed, boyfriend jeans look that tapers in on the bottom, just what I was looking for.

I am so glad I gave them a second try because they have so many different wash and cuts to choose from all within reasonable price range (and they always have good deals/promo).  The one down side with them is that most of the items I like and a lot of petite items are online exclusive so you can’t try them on before you order…  So you have to deal wit the ordering online, wait for them to arrive, try them on and see if they fit, and return the ones that didn’t work out.  Not the most efficient way to shop, but if they fit as nicely as the Relaxed Skinny Jeans, I think I can handle it.

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50 shades of denim