Day Heel

When I saw these shoes on the Everlane “coming soon” page, I immediately signed up for the waitlist and marked my calendar for when I can order them. And seeing them all over social media when they hosted the Day Market in SF and NYC the weekend before the launch I was so tempted to take the train up to the city and see them in person.

I stayed up late the night before the launch so I can order as soon as midnight hits, though I spent hours deciding which color to get (mainly between the nude, black, or the red), I ended up picking the black. After days of staring at the tracking page, it finally arrived! And it’s even more beautiful than I expect. The leather is SO soft, and they’re SO comfortable! I love the look of them and now am waiting for May 5th to arrive so I can place my order for another pair in different color.

Since I just got them yesterday, I can’t really speak to the longevity of them, but they’re seriously the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn. We recently just got standing desks at work and being on my feet for 8hrs + a day I was worried about how these will hold up, but to my somewhat surprised (as many have already reviewed and raved about them) they really are so easy to wear even for being on your feet for an extended period of time. The one thing I think is worth noting is that since the leather is so soft, it will show where your feet stretches the shoes when you wear them, so definitely make sure you get the best size and don’t try to “make it work” with a smaller size. Everlane has great customer service and you can always exchange if you got a wrong size, though you might have to wait till May 5th (their restock day) to get the replacement.

So in conclusion, for those of you that waited or are holding out till you see the verdict on these heels, GET THEM! You will not regret it, seriously perfection of form and function.

Day Heel

Last minute NYE outfit ideas

Can you believe we will be ringing in 2017 in just a couple days? This holiday season passed by so quickly and quit frankly, it feels kind of weird and I feel like I haven’t been in a festive mood this year. But as New Years Eve is getting closer and closer, and the After Christmas Sales happening all over the place, it is getting more and more excited about dressing up for the occasion. It is the one holiday you can shamelessly make yourself a walking disco ball after all.

Here are some items to add to your outfit for any and all NYE parties out there. The idea is that you don’t always have to repurchase a brand new outfit, but one key element that can help elevate what you already have in your wardrobe!

Hope everyone had a great year! See you in 2017!


  1. V-Neck Camisole Top
    For a more casual, laid back party, you can go with a fun top like this and pair with some black jeans or skirts. I love the slightly loose fit that allows for an extra glass or 2 of champagne.
  2. Sequined Top
    If you want a wow effect when you walk into a room, you can opt for a more dramatic top like this one. A statement piece that can be wear over or under a dress to create some unusual and fun looks.
  3. Long Satin Dress
    Wear it alone or pair it with a top. This piece is classic and can be dress up or down depending on your need. I love the idea of adding a splash of color (that’s not the traditional gold or silver) for NYE.
  4. Sequin Dress
    Another wear it alone or pair it with others option! For a more dressy look, you can pair this with a fur coat and some heels, or wear it under a sweater for a more casual yet festive outfit.
  5. Metallic Striped Cami Top 
    I love tops that are versatile, this one is shiny, festive, but the cut is more casual. The shape also allows you to easily tuck it into a pair of high waisted jeans, or wear it with a fun flowy skirt.
  6. Velvet Top
    A more untraditional route when it comes to NYE dressing. This year anything and everything velvet is in. It’s cozy, fancy, and sometime different for the winter season. I like the option of having just the top so you can still mix in other elements if you want, or keep it very simple with a matching bottom.
  7. Off the Shoulder Top
    If you’re looking for something unique, this top definitely screams that. It has a fun shape, perfect combo of gold and black for the festivities, and also shows off a little skin. The sleeves are a little bubble shape to give it a more playful look.
  8. Metallic Shimmering Dress
    I know this color is very different and might even be ungly for some, but I love the light green with a little golden tone to it. It’s definitely a piece that will make your look pop!
  9. Contrast Sparkly Dress
    For the more traditional, classy parties, this dress is definitely a winner. You have the black to elevate the formalness, but the gold panel ties it all together with the festive look you would want for a NYE party.
  10. Stain Maxi Dress
    To go to the way way fancy spectrum, this dress is simple but yet a statement piece with the material being so bright and eye catching. The asymmetrical cut on the bottom is not too noticeable but creates a pretty flow to the dress.
Last minute NYE outfit ideas

Hawkers for Kickstarter

Last year, Brain found this Kickstarter for Hawkers sunglasses, a sunglasses brand from Spain that aim to create affordable, stylish and good quality sunglasses. We both love their simple style and the fun color they have in their offering, and decided to each get 2 pairs. They’re light weight, beautiful and looks to have pretty great quality, the accessories also stand on their own and have plenty of personality. I love the colorful lenses and fun frame selection, even tho the colors are bold, they still look very fitting and not ridiculous when wearing. I was not a big fan of reflective lenses because I always thought they look weird on me, but I love the way it works with their designs and am in love with the way they look on me.

Even though the Kickstarter event has ended, Hawkers are available for purchase online and are incredibly wallet friendly, right now you can get a pair for 50% off using code HW50. Make sure to check out the different color lenses and frames available on their website!

Hawkers for Kickstarter

For the marble lovers 


When I saw this lovely CLIC Marble case by Native Union on Tamira’s blog, I was on the mission to hunt it down so I can have it when I upgrade my phone.

These unique cases feature a thin slice of real marble, and they come in both black and white so you got both end of the spectrum covered. Even though they’re made with real marble, the case itself is not as heavy as you would expect, and it looks truly beautiful in person.

Native Union also have a gorgeous charging cable and marble base set with a 10 ft long cable that will be perfect to add to anyone’s office or night stand, and phone cases made with other beautiful materials including wood, leather, metal and a drop proof option. I personally really love the style of the drop proof CLIC 360, it has a great color selection and I think it would be a perfect gift for those that are looking for something more sturdy and protective for their phone.

For those of you that knows someone that’s marble obsessed, loves unique pieces for their tech gadgets, or just loves a good, clean and elegant design, I highly recommend checking out Native Union!

For the marble lovers 

Holiday Party Lookbook with Farfetch

Holiday Party Lookbook

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve around the corner, it’s time to kick the holiday outfits research into high gear. Shopping for holiday outfits is always a little stressful because you want to purchase something that is beautiful and unique yet practical so you can wear it again and again (especially the higher priced items). Today I’m sharing 2 different style holiday looks I’ve created from items I found on Farfetch, a lot of these items like booties, wrap coat and leather jacket you probably already have in your closet, but with a little twist they can help complete your holiday party look and save your bank account at the same time!

Look 1: Comfort with an Edge
I’m all for being comfortable when it comes to dressing myself, so when I was creating this look, I made sure that comfort is the focus (and with this being the more casual look of the two, I can get away with some of the items I choose). I pair this pretty lace shift dress with a drape-y wrapped skirt underneath, since the shape of the dress is more boxy and doesn’t show off your curves as well, you want to add something more fluid and feminine to balance it out the look. For the coat I opt for a wrap coat so I have the option to let it drape beautifully, belt it, or possibly even show some shoulder if weather permits. I went with a pair of black booties for this look because I prefer boots over any other type of shoes, and I think a nice pair of boots is just as good as a pair of heels when you want to dress up, on top of that they are usually more comfortable, give a little more edge and are also better at keeping your feet warm in the winter! Last but not least, I went with a shoulder/cross body style bag because when you’re at a party the last thing you want to do is have something restricting your movement, a cross body bag allows you to move around freely and dance all night without worrying about holding your purse.

Look 2: Vintage Rock and Roll
For the second look, I want to create something more elegant and fancy for a black tie event, even though it’s more formal, I still want to keep some fun elements in the look. This beautiful Armani dress is very simple but has some very eye catching beading on the body, and since the dress is already so fancy, I decided to pair it with a black leather jacket and a guitar scarf to make it more playful and fun, the scarf also can act as a cover up, in case you want to check your jacket at coat check but still want something light with you in case it gets a little chilly. Since this is look is created for a black tie event, I went with a pair of pumps to tie the look together. With the bottom of the dress being more plain, I picked out this pair with crystals on them so when you walk, they peek out to create some interest and also echo the body of the dress. The whole look is very monochrome, but it means it’s perfect for any occasion, if you want to make it more festive, you can utilize accessories to add a pop of colors to it like I did with this simple red clutch.

I kept the colors of both looks very basic and mostly black because I want them to be something you can wear both now and later, with a simple switch of accessories, jacket or shoes you can easily transform these looks for any future events you go to. On top of that, most of the items mentioned are basics that will be great additions to any wardrobe and can be worn over and over again which is perfect for someone who wants to start a capsule wardrobe. I hope you enjoy these looks, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Holiday Party Lookbook with Farfetch

The perfect denim

The search for the perfect denim seems like a never ending task for every girl. I’m not big on boyfriend or flare because I’m so short and they just don’t look as nice on me unless I’m wearing heels (which rarely happens), so my closet consists of lots of skinnies and that’s usually the only fit I look at when I shop for denim. I’ve tried many brands of skinny jeans, but none fit me like the Madewell High Riser. They’re so comfortable to wear and the material is a good weight unlike a lot of the other ones out there that feels more like legging jeans instead of real denim. I love the “legs for days” rise especially for my short legs, the way they fit make my proportion look better but at the same time not too extreme to the point where it looks a little too forced.

I’ve been on the hunt for more shades of Madewell High Riser Skinny since this last post, so far I’ve acquired 2 more, and am almost tempted to get another black pair as a back up because I love them so much!

Have you tried the Madewell High Riser yet?

The perfect denim

Running free

I don’t usually wear sneakers out other than when going to the gym because I thought they make my feet look like clown feet. But ever since I got my Nike Free 5.0 last year I just can’t seem to get enough of them. I love the clean and simple look it gives and since they’re black it’s also very easy to pair with your everyday outfit should you choose to change things up a bit. And my love for the Nike Free doesn’t stop at the looks, as they’re also extremely comfortable to wear and great for hiking, working out at the gym, running everyday errands, etc. So to me, they’re the perfect do it all shoes.

I saw this pair of floral print Free a while ago when this edition came out and loved it, but at the time I wasn’t very active or in need of a new pair of sneakers so I decided not to get them. After taking my black pair up a volcano and down to the beach, and all over the country with me, I thought maybe it’s time to look into getting another pair I can rotate them with. I looked at many different colors, some extremely bright teal or corals, but none really speak to me the way the floral print pair did. One day while browsing through Nordstrom’s website I saw them, there they are staring at me right in the face, the floral print Nike Free that I loved so much but didn’t purchase out of practicality and then sold out shortly after, available in my size (they’re still currently available but in limited sizes). I didn’t hesitate to pick them up, and now my black Nike Free 5.0 has a friend.

I’m still in the phase of figuring out how I can wear sneakers with my normal outfits without looking strange, but experiencing is half the fun in finding your own style right? If worst comes to worst, I’ll just always look really stylish at the gym, haha.

Running free