On my mind lately #9

Continuing with the distressed trend, I haven’t been able to keep my mind off distressed denim shorts.  Like the slouch jeans, I’m really loving the relaxed fit with a little extra cover length wise.  I haven’t own a pair of denim shorts in a long time, and I think the last pair I had was a tight fitting booty shorts… Definitely years ago.

With the temperature rising and my friend Jess’ bachelorette party around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout for a nice pair of denim shorts that is comfortable enough, can embrace the roughness of camping and music festival but still look adorable. Here are my picks!

denim shorts

  1. Treasure&Bond Cuffed Boyfriend Shorts
    The lighter wash is perfect for the summer!  A more noticeable distressed look is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway, some funky music festivals or just lounging around the house.
  2. DL1961 Karlie Boyfriend Shorts
    A medium wash is not usually something I would go for, but for some reason I really love the old, worn out color of this pair.  I love the contrast between the distressing and the wash of the denim, not too extreme but very noticeable.  The length is also very appropriate for anything ranging from hanging out with friends or brunch with the family.  My only complain is that the distressing look too symmetrical, but nothing a little DYI can’t fix.
  3. Madewell Denim Boyshorts: Rip and Repair Edition
    Another lighter wash shorts with some conservative rips.  Adding a patch underneath the rip so it’s not as revealing, and the boyfriend fit style makes it look more relaxing.
  4. Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Cuffed Denim Shorts
    One of the shorter pair of the bunch, I think this pair will be perfect for a beach or lake day where you can go knee deep into the water without worrying getting your shorts wet.
  5. 7 For All Mankind Relaxed Denim Shorts
    A clean, true denim blue is a classic. It will go nicely with any tops and be dressed up or down.  To me, this is a more conservative (some might say boring) choice, but you can never go wrong with classic!
  6. rag & bone Destructed Boyfriend Shorts
    Always go with something black you want something with a little more edge.  Not your traditional denim and certainly not the first color most people would think of when it comes to summer, but sometimes a nice pair of black shorts can really bring some heat to the outfit.

*images taken from Nordstrom.com*

On my mind lately #9

On my mind lately #8

This S/S it’s all about distressed jeans.  Honestly I think this trend has been happening for quiet a while now, but I have been choosing to avoid it mainly because it’s not practical for me to buy them since I can’t wear them to work which is about 70% of my week.  But just because I shouldn’t buy them doesn’t mean I can’t look and admire from afar!

I’ve been craving a good pair of slim boyfriend fit distressed jeans that I can lounge around in recently.  I did some digging and searching online and found a few pairs that I really love and have been dreaming about how they’ll look on me.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to justify getting a pair, but for now this will do.

distressed slouch jeans

  1. Zara Vintage Wash Ripped Cigarette Jeans
  2. Madewell The Slim Boyjean: Patched-Up Edition
  3. Madewell The Slim Boyjean: Rip and Repair Edition
  4. J.Crew Broken-In Boyfriend Jean in Keough Wash
  5. STS Blue Joey Destroyed Boyfriend Jean
  6. BLANKNYC Good Vibes Distressed Skinny Jeans
On my mind lately #8

On my mind lately #7

I have to admit, I’m pretty boring when it comes to shoes.  I just want them to be comfortable and easy to get on and off, the rest I like to keep them simple.  But recently I’ve been looking through Free People, maybe because it’s festival season, or maybe because I’m just feeling a little funky and adventurous lately, I don’t know, but I kinda like it.  I might not be brave enough to actually wear some of these, but hey, they sure are fun to look at!

free people shoes

  1. Free People Rendering Crochet Clog
    I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of clogs, quite honestly I thought they were weird looking and too chunky.  But when I saw this pair I was extremely attracted to it!  I love the mix of perforated and solid leather and think it’s beautiful, and the platform look actually doesn’t bother me as much (seeing all the pictures of people wearing them on their website).  I am also surprised by how much I like the black pair as I never really cared for the black with brown/wood heel mix, but on this pair I think it works so well together as the wood part makes the shoes look not as heavy compare to if it’s all black.  My main concerns with these are that they look a little difficult to get on (read: no zippers, extra time to take on and off) and I won’t be brave enough to wear them to work as people at my work dress pretty conservatively… But they’re definitely on my wishlist!
  2. Free People Sunchaser Shoeboot
    THESE!  Now these are a pair that I can see myself wearing everywhere, I’m completely in love with these and have been eyeing them for a long time now.  What’s stopping me from buying other then the somewhat hefty price tag is the fact that the reviews for them are not great, a lot of people are saying they’re not comfortable which is very unfortunate.  I’m still keeping these in my wishlist as one day maybe I’ll get them to try for myself, but for now they’re on hold.
  3. Birkenstock Pisa
    I’m eyeing the Arizona because I want a pair of comfortable sandals for the summer, but these are also adorable and very unique!  I’ve never owned a pair of Birks before so I think I will go for the classic Arizona as my first pair, and if I like them enough maybe I’ll get a funky pair in the future!
  4. Freebird by Steven Eagle Heel Boot
    Honestly I don’t really get the point of peep toe boots… When you wear boots you want them to be warm, when you want open toe shoes its because you want to keep your feet cool and able to breath in the warmer temperature, so why do peep toe boots?  Fashion before practicality I guess.  I do think these are interesting and fun, the color is very different than what I usually go for but I think they’ll be perfect for spring or fall.
  5. Jeffrey Campbell Minimal Lace Up Heel
    I love the color of these shoes!  They’re gorgeous and fun but at the same time you can still wear them with different colors/outfits.  I usually go for brown or black shoes because they match everything and will never go out of style, but for these I think the berry is my favorite of them all!  I think the berry is dark and rich enough that, like navy can go with a lot of things and can be a great addition for any wardrobe.  I also love the lace and the openness of the shoe, great for showing off some skin when you’re wearing pants/jeans, and will help elongate your legs when wearing shorts/skirts.

*images taken from FreePeople.com*

On my mind lately #7

On my mind lately #6

I’ve been doing so good with not thinking about buying anything lately hence the lack of “On my mind lately” posts… Until now.  I know this item of choice with spring right around the corner might seem like a strange one, but there’s a reason for that!  Recently I’ve been loving/uncontrollably watching YouTube videos by Claire Marshall from HeyClaire and I’m seriously obsessed with her style – a little edgy, feminine, sexy, relax and cool all together.  I love how everything she wears seem so comfortable and easy but still put together and shows a lot of personality.

I know my style is not as cool or edgy and I might never be able to pull off some of the outfits she wear especially with my work environment, but I still seriously love her style and think I might be able incorporate a few items into my wardrobe to add a little edge to it.  And then comes the leather jackets!

It’s been a fashion stable for a lot of people and it’s an awesome piece to throw on to add some edge to your outfit, but I was never really into the whole cool girl street style leather jacket look because I think it’s a little too stiff for my style and has a little too much edge that I don’t think I can pull off.  But after researching and seeing lots of bloggers wearing them and how they turn them into an item that works well with many different style, I started reconsidering giving them a chance.  I’m still not sure if I can pull it off or if it’ll ever be a stable item of mine, but it’s definitely something I’m open to trying.

Below I’ve picked out a few that are in a more affordable price range for beginners like me to try out first before investing in a $500 + piece that might not work for you.  Hope you enjoy!

leather jacket

  1. Zara Studded Jacket
  2. Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket
  3. Zara Leather Biker Jacket
  4. Mango Leather Biker Jacket
  5. Mango Mixed Leather Biker Jacket
  6. Mango Zipped Biker Jacket

*images taken from respected retail websites*

On my mind lately #6

Keeping your feetsies warm

I was never a slippers gal, I thought they were kind of restricting and annoying, and I also didn’t think they’re that practical because I have lots of socks in my drawers that I can easily put on if my feet get cold.  But I recently gave in because I wanted something that I can easily slip on and off if I need to run out real quick and for whenever I go over to Brian’s house (hardwood floors everywhere = cold to walk around), I opt for a cheap pair from TJ Maxx because I wanted to see how often I’ll actually wear them, and the answer is all the damn time!  I wear them in the house, outside the house (I picked out one with thick rubber soles which allows them to be wearable outdoor, but usually only to and from my car), whenever I can.  There’s just something about a pair of fuzzy slippers that puts you in a good mood and the holiday spirit, and I’m loving them!

I’ve round up a few adorable options that I absolutely love, hopefully they’ll help keep your feet warm 24/7!


From left to right: MUK LUKS x Urban Outfitter Confetti Amira Slipper Boot // Madewell Faux-Shearling Snow Cloud Slippers // UGG Mimi Bailey Bow Corduroy // Sperry Top-Sider Mackenzie Moccasin Slipper

Keeping your feetsies warm

On my mind lately #5

For me boots are year round staples!  I love wearing them for any occasion because they’re so comfortable, I love them so much I prefer them over heeled sandals and try to wear them as much as possible in the summer time.

Though I love boots always, it’s hard to justify buying boots till fall and winter, I already purchased 2 pairs from Loft (you can read about them herebut of course one can’t simply have enough boots in the shoe closet.  I tend to lean towards booties because they’re easier to put on (and take off) and since I’m in the office for the majority of the day I don’t really want to sit in knee high boots all day and overheat my legs.  I do love a good pair of knee high every now and then but I just don’t find myself wearing them that often anymore.

I’m being very patient and as selective as I can when it comes to picking out new items now because of the capsule wardrobe challenge, but I’m seriously loving all of these, so you just might see one or two of them in my next capsule wardrobe!


  1. Madewell Perrie Boots
  2. Madewell Ames Boot
  3. Frye ‘Anna-Shortie’ Leather Boots
  4. Seychelles ‘Sanctuary’ Suede Bootie
  5. Madewell Billie Boot
  6. Madewell Charley Boot

*images taken from respected retail websites*

On my mind lately #5

On my mind lately #4

I know we’re still in the fall months but it got super cold this past weekend which puts me into a winter coats mood.  Today I pulled some items that are not necessary snow proof coats, but something that is long and cozy that can be layered for the late fall and early winter.  I’m looking for something loose, long, with less structure and somewhat flowy to add some romantic touch especially in the season where most things are black oriented.

long coats

  1. Mango Lapels Wool-Blend Coat – This is THE coat I’m eyeing for later this season, a lovely coat that looks so comfortable, soft, and feminine.  I know the “borrowed from the boys” look is in this season, but I already have a few very structured oversize coats in my closet so I am looking to add something more feminine to it.  This is a perfect coat that sits perfectly in the middle of formal and casual, which means it can be dressed up or down accordingly (who doesn’t love versatility?)
  2. Loft Coatigan – I love the way they style this coat on their website, I actually went into the store and tried it on and liked the look and feel (with or without a belt).  However, like the name mentioned, it’s more of a half cardigan half coat, the material is a soft wool blend and it doesn’t really itch, but I don’t think it will be warm enough to be worn on its own in the winter months, and the fact that it doesn’t come with a belt or loops to hold a belt in place it means you can only go one way or another, making changing up your look on the go more difficult.
  3. Pazzo Coat – This looks more like structured oversize coat, but when you see it on the model it actually drapes really beautifully. the fabric looks soft and falls nicely, giving it a flowy look.  I also like the print on the jacket, giving it some definition and character to an otherwise standard coat.
  4. H&M Wool Blend Coat – I love the cut on the bottom of this coat, the angular shape plus the casual folds when wearing creates a nice ripple effect.  The collar is wider than the other ones which gives it a more relax feel, but the material seems to be able to hold its shape well enough and the slight taper at the waist gives it a nice tailored look.
  5. Zara Coat with Lapels – A super long coat is not something I usually go for because I’m short, but this one button long coat with the barely there collar looks almost like it’s a large blanket, it looks so comfortable I couldn’t resist adding it on the list.  The material looks similar to the coatigan, something that’s soft but in a coat shape/cut, and with the length this long it means the coat will flow nicely on the bottom when you walk.
  6. Zara Faux Leather Belted Coat with Piping – This coat is more on the causal side, collard-less and very drape-y, the one thing that makes this coat different than all the other casual coat is the faux leather trim on it.  Faux leather has been very popular because it adds a little edge to any item you put them on, I especially like the trim because it gives a clear definition to the coat so you won’t lose the edge of the coat when layering it with other items.
On my mind lately #4