Charlotte Tilbury first timer

This Valentine’s Day Charlotte Tilbury came out with two limited edition lipsticks to celebrate the holiday, a newly created color Valentine in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula and their famous Lip Cheat color Pillow Talk in the Matte Revolutionary formula. I’ve actually been eyeing Charlotte Tilbury’s lip products for the longest time and I love the swatch of pillow talk, but since I don’t really use lip liner and prefer to purchase a lipstick instead, I was hoping to find a shade that speaks to me like Pillow Talk did in their lipstick range. But unfortunately nothing has made me want to pull the trigger to purchase. So when I heard they’re coming out with a Pillow Talk lipstick, I was beyond excited and immediately went onto her website to pick one up for myself.

This is my very first Charlotte Tilbury purchase and I’m incredibly pleased with everything, from the packaging it was delivered in, to the product itself. The lipstick came in the standard CT rose gold packaging, very elegant and a beautiful piece that could be added to any counter top display. I have many nude lipstick in my collection, but most of them are either have a brown-ish undertone or a warmer brick undertone. Pillow talk is a beautiful pink-y nude that is super wearable but at the same time gives a very “sweet” look. The color applies opaque and it looks exactly the same in the bullet as when you apply on the lips which is amazing because for some reason when I wear a nude lipstick the undertone is usually exaggerated (probably because of my natural lip color) and sometimes nudes can look a little lifeless on me, so I really love the fact that the color doesn’t change on my lips or pull an undertone of the lipstick. And on top of that, it’s probably the best matte formula I’ve tried! It is not drying and doesn’t tug on your lips when applying, and the best part is it doesn’t settle and enhance the lines on your lips.

Overall I’m super surprised and impressed by this lipstick, this makes me want to try more colors in the range, I foresee a darker red and a peachy nude in my future…

Have you tried any of her lipsticks? What’s your favorite formula and color?

Charlotte Tilbury first timer

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