On my mind lately #16

On my mind lately_16

Bomber jacket is such a fun piece to wear for casual events, but I feel it’s near impossible to wear in an office environment. It is looking like the trend will continue into the fall, and although I’m not sure if it will be a practical purchase, I can’t help but look at them online.

Here are some of my picks from ASOS, some are very classic, some are modified bombers. There are so many options out there that I hope I’ll be able to find one that works for me!

  • Adidas Originals Primary Three Stripe Bomber Jacket – Adidas bomber jackets are definitely a classic. I love the signature 3 stripe and the Originals’ logo. There are many color combination and I thought the pop of the 3 primary colors gives the overall look some fun factor.
  • ASOS Bomber Jacket in Color Block – Going for something a little more feminine, the pink and grey comb brings out a more girly side of bomber jackets. It looks very soft and comforting, and will work great as casual wear.
  • Monik Textured Jersey Bomber Jacket – This piece has a slightly different texture/material than the traditional bomber. The texture makes you do a double take when you first see it and I think it’s a great way to make it look less casual.
  • New Look Padded Bomber Jacket – I think the color I’m most interested in is a olive green bomber jacket because it’s just so easy to pair with everything. The neutral tone of the green goes well with black, grey, white, brown and the list goes on. Keeping it simple is usually the best policy!
  • ASOS Longline Bomber Jacket in Satin Fabric – This jacket in particular caught my eye because of the interesting hemline. I like that it has the traditional bomber jacket but the shape looks completely different. I think this piece will be fun to style when you want to dress up a little.


On my mind lately #16

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