Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access 2016

One of the most talked about sale of the year is here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is usually the best time to shop and preview some of the new items for fall, and of course scoop up some great beauty deals that is good year round.

Here are some items that’s caught my eye from this year’s sale that I think would be great additions to everyone’s fall wardrobe/beauty routine.

  1. Sigma The Power Pair Set – I’ve been washing my brushes with my hands since I first started using brushes, which was sufficient enough when it was mainly just eyeshadow brushes. But recently I started using more and more foundation/tinted moisturizer and I realize how much product can get trapped in there, it takes a long time to get out washing by hand, and still sometimes I still don’t feel they’re 100% clean. When I saw this set in the “Beauty Exclusives” section, I was more than thrilled. Not only have I been eyeing this little mat for a long time, but I also get a flat top kabuki brush which will be great to add into my foundation brush rotation. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I cannot wait to clean my brushes!
  2. Glamglow Glamazing Gravity Mud Set – The very popular silver mask that took the internet by storm. I had a sample size of this a while back and loved the way it make my face feel after using (and on top of that, the silver mask looks super cool that I almost convinced Brian to use it too, almost). With my mom coming to visit in August, I thought this might be a fun mother daughter activity to do with her while dad is out busy at the conference.
  3. Diptyque Scented Candle Set – I love candles all year round, but especially in the fall and winter because it makes the space feel extra cozy. Diptyque candles are loved by many but also cost a pretty penny, this set has some of the most iconic scents from Diptyque and is a great way to test out the water. They also come in super adorable tiny packaging which is great to use as displays around the house.
  4. Voluspa Maison Blanc Mini Tin Candle Trio – Another candle selection but at a more affordable price point. Last year when they had these trios during the Anniversary Sale I almost purchased them, but at the time I had just purchased a couple Diptyque candles from Hautelook and couldn’t justify having 10 candles sitting around my tiny apartment so I passed. This year, with all the ones I have running low, I’ll finally be able to give these a try! There are 2 scent combinations so I would definitely recommend stopping by the store to give them a sniff!
  5. Hinge Wool Round Crown Hat – Hats always sound like a great idea, but whenever I get ready in the morning, I always prefer beanies over hats with brims. But this year, I would like to try and change things up a bit and add some hats to my wardrobe rotation. I think they can really add to an outfit, and I feel like if it’s a well fitted hat, it would withstand the wind outside and not ruin your hair after a day of wear. We’ll see if I end up sticking to my words tho…
  6. BLANKNYC Morning Suede Moto Jacket – Moto jackets are something I think are great additions to any wardrobe. Though I only own 2 currently (one thin one for spring and summer, one black leather for the fall and winter), I reach for them almost every time I want to up my outfit game. I’ve been wanting to get a suede one in a neutral color since last winter, but wasn’t able to find one that I like at a reasonable price point. When I saw this one on sale, I immediately added it to my wishlist. I’m a little worried that it might be a little too cropped, but I’m excited to try it on when it arrives in the mail. Keeping my fingers crossed that it fits the way I want.
  7. French Connection Hooded Parka With Faux Fur Trim – Parkas are a fun stable for fall and winter. I’m always most drawn to the olive colored ones. I love this one especially because the fur is black instead of the standard neutral/brown colors. It reminds me of one of the ones Zara came out with last year (that was sold out in my size before I could order one). The only thing that worries me is the fit, as I’m pretty short and it’s really hard to find a parka that doesn’t look like it’s swallowing me.
  8. BLANKNYC Skinny Dipper Distressed Skinny Jeans – Okay, I know ripped jeans are not really great for winter, but it’s perfect for fall weekend when it’s just cool enough out but you still want to show some skin. I’ve been eyeing this pair of jeans since last year, it’s been living in my wishlist and I’m happy to see it on sale! Though I’m worried about the practicality of them, they would definitely be fun to add to my weekend wardrobe.
  9. Aquatalia Olita Weatherproof Riding Boot – I have a pair of black riding boots that’s been with me since college. I’ve been so happy with them that I have not bother to look for another pair, until the beginning of this year when I realize it’s slowly falling apart. I’m definitely going to take it to a shoe parlor and try to see if they can put my baby back together, but in case they can’t, I think these will be a great replacement pair. I love the style of riding boots and the hardware/detail on these are very simple but cute. I also love the fact that it’s weatherproof (but what does that mean exactly?), so hopefully it’ll hold up in the snow better compare to my old ones.
  10. Frye Melissa Button Leather Riding Boot – Another riding boots option, but this pair comes in 2 different brown shades. I had a pair of brown boots but I have not worn them in years because in the winter I usually just grab everything black for a very easy put together outfit. But these will be great for fun fall outdoor activities, they’ll also look super cute with flannels.
  11. Dior So Real Sunglasses – This one is something you need to be ready to splurge on. They’re beautiful sunglasses and I’ve been wanting them for the longest time. I ended up getting a dupe from ASOS a couple weeks ago (not in the colors I want but that was the only option they have) and I think I’ll be able to move on without these. Though when I saw these as part of the Anniversary Sale, I was pretty excited! If you just can’t go without them for any longer, you do get a decent discount during the sale!
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

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