Summer ready

This winter I’ve neglected my nails for the majority of the time. I just wasn’t in the mood to paint them myself and it seems like none of the colors I have really spoke to me. But spring and summer, that’s a whole other story! I really love a light color nail, I think it looks so pretty and really brightens up your mood. Here are 5 from my stash that I know I will be using a lot this year!

From left to right:

Chillato – A fun light lime green that is funky but very wearable. You definitely have to be in the right mood to use this type of colors, but if you’re like me and don’t really mind a little mix and match between your nail polish and outfits, it’s really fun to throw this one in your rotation to spice things up a little.

Rock the Boat – Although blue is not a neutral, it might as well be when it comes to nail polish. Personally, I think any hues of light blue is wonderful in the warmer months, and is also very relaxing to look at.

Sand Tropez – A sandy, neutral nude with a little more brown to it. This color is great for all the occasions, and perfect with a tan. It’s extremely neutral but not too girly, you could rock it with an all black ensemble or all white.

Topless & Barefoot – This is my go-to wedding guest/bridesmaid color. It is the right amount of girly-ness but at the same time is a very mature color. It has more pink compare to the Sand Tropez, which is perfect when you want to go for a more romantic look.

Blanc – I was really against white nail polish for the longest time, because I thought they were really hard to pull off (because a bright white can be super in your face on the hand), but last year I decided to give it a try and I actually really like it. It’s harder to apply because the white is so bright and not as forgiving, but when done correctly, it’s a perfect vacation color that will bring out your tan.

Summer ready

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