Where are they now: Face Palette

There’s something magical and so visually pleasing about palettes, seeing all the beautiful colors together in harmony always makes me so happy! Today I’m sharing with y’all the 3 OG face palettes I got when I first started exploring makeup, and where are they now.

One of my most reached for of the 3 is the NARS Virtual Domination Blush Palette. This was the holiday palette from 2014 (one currently available here), it comes with a very wearable everyday bronzer Laguna and 3 very beautiful and versatile blush, perfect for any occasion. This palette has been my most reached for/favorite to take on a trip because of the variety of blush shades it offers, so I can pick and choose or mix and match. I don’t use the highlight in this one as much mainly because it’s not as pigmented on my skin, and at the moment I’m really liking the “in your face” highlight, the highlighter in this palette however, would be nice for someone that wants a nice subtle glow that lasts all day!

Second is the now too dark for my face Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Strip. I was fairly tan up until this past winter, so my earlier days makeup are all on the darker side, and I used to use this all the time because the NARS Laguna was also too light for me at the time. I love the color of the bronzer and blush, and have just recently started using the highlight (yes I’m a little behind on the highlight on fleek trend), but the fact that the bronzer is a tad too dark for me now have me looking the other way when I try to decide which bronzer to use in the morning. Hopefully in the summer I’ll be able to use this a lot more.

Last (and least reached for until the past few months, unfortunately) is the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette. I really really love the color of the blush, and the eye shadows are actually really nice as well, but I haven’t been reaching for this one much mainly because a) the bronzer color was too light for me when I got this palette so I didn’t use it for the longest time till recently, and b) I still keep it in it’s original box for storing convenience and it’s not the easiest to get out/put away. I’m looking forward to using this more tho now that the bronzer will actually show up on my face! I have not give the highlighter in this platter a try yet so that’s another thing on my to-try list.

Overall, each palette has it’s place and time for me, but none is do-it-all. I like the varieties and options of the NARS palette, but would prefer to have a matte bronzer than one with shimmer and have a more pigmented highlight. Love the formula of the Urban Decay, and have considered getting the same palette in a lighter shade but I’m the type of person that likes to try everything… I enjoy the Tarte palette, but find it not as pigmented as the other two on my skin. I would say they each have their pros and cons, but there are also so many other palettes out there I need to try so I have hopes that one day I’ll find a perfect face palette for me!

What is your favorite face palette? I would love some suggestions!

Where are they now: Face Palette

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