Oh so peachy

This Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette has been getting a lot of hype on the internet, but the main reason it caught my attention was because of the nod to the southern charm. As many of you may know, I lived in Georgia for 7 years during college (Go Jackets!) and my first job, which is actually the longest I’ve stayed in one state since I moved to the US for high school. I’m pretty much half a southern girl and Georgia has a very special place in my heart with many many good memories associated with it. So of course when I saw this palette I couldn’t resist the urge to add it to my collection.

Too Faced has made a palette that is based on peach, with enough neutrals so it can still be used on a daily basis. Although a lot of people complain that this palette is not “peachy” enough, I thought it was a perfect color palette interpretation of a peach. You get the obvious peachy shades, a green of the leaves, some browns for the stem and some warm purples for the darker hues you see when a peach is ripe. On top of the beautiful colors, the clever names are also something that cannot be overlooked. True to the southern roots “Bless Your Heart”, a nod to the peach state “Georgia”, and the delicious peachy drink “Bellini”, to name a few.

This is not a palette for everyone, as some of the colors can be a little intense and bold depending on your skin tone, but I definitely think this is a fun palette with enough neutral mixed in to be used everyday. If you’re in the market for something new with some fun colors to play around, I would definitely recommend you get your hands on this one before it’s gone! The Sephora website said this palette will be available in store today, but the listing for this palette has been removed so I would say call your local store first before making a trip over.

Oh so peachy

5 thoughts on “Oh so peachy

  1. overcastblg says:

    Love this! I agree that the colours are perfect – if they were more orange, they wouldn’t be as wearable for day-to-day.

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