Glossier phase2 and more

As you can see, I finally gave in and placed an order for some Glossier products and I regret nothing. I’ve been looking for a lighter base for my face and a nice concealer that’s not too heavy, so when I saw Phase 2 came out I had to give it a try.

Per usual Glossier products came in their cute custom shipping box that’s always a pleasure to open. The Phase 2 set came in a beautiful white box that has magnetic closure, it is the standard high quality minimalist design you can expect Glossier. In my mind I already thought of a million ways to use it, now I just have to pick one.

There are 3 items included in the Phase 2 box, two new and one everyone is all too familiar with. I don’t think I need to say much about the Boy Brow, as all the reviews out there have been nothing but good. I have it in brown already, but was glad to see them restock the black (finally) which was the color I wanted originally but have been out of stock for months!

Of the whole Phase 2 set, I was most excited about the Stretch Concealer because I haven’t found one that I love yet. I’ve been having issues with my concealer looking cake-y so I’m so glad Glossier came out with a concealer! The Glossier Stretch Concealer to me is the perfect combination of coverage and dewy-ness, it is easy to apply and looks so natural on the skin.

The one product I didn’t expect to like as much as I do is Generation G, a matte (but sheer) lipstick with incredible consistency. I got the color Cake which looks like a beautiful taupe-y nude in the tube, it is just tinted enough to show up on my lips, and it works like a color corrector for my lip color, giving my lips a healthy glow with just one layer of application. Even though it’s a matte lip tint, it’s not drying at all and almost feels like a balm when applying. Now I wish I got all the other shades as well so I can try them out!

On top of getting the Phase 2 set, I also got the Perfecting Skin Tint to help give my face a little more glow. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been paying more attention to makeup tutorials and noticing how big of a difference a nice light weight base can make even if you have great skin, or my skin is simply getting to the point that it really needs some extra oomph, but I’ve been noticing my skin has been looking a little lackluster lately and I desperately want to get my glow back. The Perfect Skin Tint is exactly what I needed – a light weight base that doesn’t overwhelm your skin but gives it a little hint of color to make everything look balanced.

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Glossier phase2 and more

4 thoughts on “Glossier phase2 and more

  1. I agree on the Generation G not being as good as I expected. The packaging was my main concern. It just seemed a lot less high quality than Glossier’s other stuff.

    1. Yea the material used on Generation G is definitely a little different than the other products, but I kinda I like the fact that it’s light weight and I don’t have to worry about the packaging being scratched if I toss it in my purse. Has its pros and cons I guess.

  2. I just posted a review on the glossier skin tint as well and I felt the same way! It is really nice to have a light base so that any other products “stick” to your face a bit better and last throughout the day. I’m sensitive to a lot of products so I was also very pleased with how light and breathable it is; it doesn’t clog my pores or break me out at all. It’s one of the few things that I can wear to the gym at the end of a long day of school/work and not worry too much about having on my face.

    I’m happy to see that you liked the stretch concealer and boy brow — those are next on my list. Thanks for the review!


    1. I completely agree with your review! It’s the best lightweight base I’ve tried and I love the way it feels on my face even after a long day. Let me know your thoughts on the boy brow and concealer once you tried them out!

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