Hawkers for Kickstarter

Last year, Brain found this Kickstarter for Hawkers sunglasses, a sunglasses brand from Spain that aim to create affordable, stylish and good quality sunglasses. We both love their simple style and the fun color they have in their offering, and decided to each get 2 pairs. They’re light weight, beautiful and looks to have pretty great quality, the accessories also stand on their own and have plenty of personality. I love the colorful lenses and fun frame selection, even tho the colors are bold, they still look very fitting and not ridiculous when wearing. I was not a big fan of reflective lenses because I always thought they look weird on me, but I love the way it works with their designs and am in love with the way they look on me.

Even though the Kickstarter event has ended, Hawkers are available for purchase online and are incredibly wallet friendly, right now you can get a pair for 50% off using code HW50. Make sure to check out the different color lenses and frames available on their website!

Hawkers for Kickstarter

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