New Year, old and new goals

Happy New Year everyone! Another year, another Humane Society Instagram calendar (where 75% of the sale price goes directly to the animal protection program of the HSUS for a good cause)! Hope everyone had a great start to the year. I kick started this year by going to see my favorite DJ Hardwell (thanks Brian!), and it definitely sets the bar high for 2016. This year, though I do not have many new goals, I want to continue what I’ve started last year and keep on improving.

  1. To continue with curating my closet and pairing down. I’ve cleared out a lot of the items in my closet already, but there is still that one little pile that I just haven’t been able to get myself to sort it through the last bits and either donate or sell on Poshmark,
  2. I need to restart documenting my capsule wardrobe challenge. I haven’t given up on it I promise! I just haven’t been able to take pictures and document it in the past few months. And even though I’ve been trying to keep the items in my closet to a minimum, with the holiday sale I might have picked up one too many items and not getting rid of enough that the new ones are supposed to be replacing. I want to have a closet I love, a figure out a more defined style so I can avoid purchasing unnecessary items in the future (it’s been getting better, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement).
  3. Put in more effort to do my makeup daily. It’s not that I do not care about my appearance for work, but sometimes I give the excuse of “who am I trying to impress” and allow myself to just to the bare minimum. But just because I’m not seeing my significant till after work when I’m home with no makeup on and in my pajamas, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look nice that day. I really love playing around with makeup, and I love to make myself feel and look good everyday, so just because I’m not seeing anyone important, I should still put in the effort everyday, for myself.
  4. Last but not least, I want to make sure to time manage better and make myself more productive when I’m at home – With working full time, it’s easy for me to get off work, go home and allow myself to just relax and lounge for the rest of the evening. I’ve become lazy and very unproductive with my nights when I could be doing something to self improve, whether it’s  going to the gym, coloring the new coloring books I got for Christmas, or organize my room. I want to be able to be more productive at night, self motivate to do more things instead of just laying in bed watching TV.

These goals may seem very simple and insignificant, and it’s definitely not life changing or revolutionary, but they are definitely important to me and are something I think will really help me personally. Baby steps, right? What are your new year goals?

New Year, old and new goals

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