Entering the world of Boscia skin care

I heard about Boscia on multiple occasions and seen them often online, but the idea of trying it out has never crossed my mind. Recently during my trip to Sephora for their VIB Holiday Shopping Event, the lady there saw me looking at some skin care items and asked me if I’d like to try out Boscia, I was hesitant because I had my mind set on some other items but said yes to her anyway.

She tried the products included in Japanese Cleansing Ritual for Flawless Skin the on my hand and to my surprise I really love the way they make my skin feel (the Exfoliating Peel Gel is especially satisfying). The  I proceed to try out other items like the Balancing Facial Tonic and the Sake Treatment Water to Hydrate and Brighten, and loved them both! My intention to go into the store was to try out another brand’s toner and serum that I wanted to buy, but I ended up getting all the Boscia products mentioned above because I fell in love with they way they make my skin feel. I almost got the Sake Balm (isn’t that name adorable?) as well but stopped myself because I still have plenty of moisturizer at home. So far I’m loving the way they cleanse my face, and am waiting to finish my current toner and serum to start using the Boscia ones. As much as I don’t like physically paying the store a visit, it’s always nice to discover new products that you usually won’t pay attention to!

Have you tried any Boscia products?

Entering the world of Boscia skin care

2 thoughts on “Entering the world of Boscia skin care

  1. I used the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cleansing Oil for a while! The instructions made it sound like they designed it to be a one-step cleanser, though I used it more like a makeup remover step/step one in Asian-skincare-routine-style double cleansing. It’s really nice, and it was better than a few of the other oil cleansers I’ve tried in terms of removing makeup.

    1. Yea I agree. I was talking to the lady at Sephora before purchasing and she recommend using their normal cleanser afterwards, so I just treat it as a makeup remover and it works great. I think they need to set a better expectation for products like this so people don’t mistake it as a one stop shop then be disappointed.

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