Learning to love everyday skin care

My almost always clear skin definitely have my mom to thank for, ever since I was little she made sure I put everything on my face – serum, moisturizer, extra moisturizer for the winter, face masks, you name it. But when I was younger, I hated it because I really dislike the feeling of having something wet and sticky on my face, face masks and eye cream were especially terrible in my 14 year old mind. I laugh at it now because as I’m getting older and getting more and more into skincare and makeup, I realize how important they are and am thankful everyday that she was willing to spend all the money and time to make sure I get the best skincare from the start.

Though I still hate the feeling of having sticky things on my face, I never skip my 3 step routine (toner, serum, moisturizer) anymore, and have been trying and forcing myself to do more masks and apply eye cream every night. I’m still not 100% sure what I actually need or what works best for my skin, but I’m slowly exploring different options with samples or just purchases out of curiosity, hopefully one day I’ll find my go-to brand. But in the meantime, any suggestions on what other brands I should try?

Learning to love everyday skin care

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