The perfect denim

The search for the perfect denim seems like a never ending task for every girl. I’m not big on boyfriend or flare because I’m so short and they just don’t look as nice on me unless I’m wearing heels (which rarely happens), so my closet consists of lots of skinnies and that’s usually the only fit I look at when I shop for denim. I’ve tried many brands of skinny jeans, but none fit me like the Madewell High Riser. They’re so comfortable to wear and the material is a good weight unlike a lot of the other ones out there that feels more like legging jeans instead of real denim. I love the “legs for days” rise especially for my short legs, the way they fit make my proportion look better but at the same time not too extreme to the point where it looks a little too forced.

I’ve been on the hunt for more shades of Madewell High Riser Skinny since this last post, so far I’ve acquired 2 more, and am almost tempted to get another black pair as a back up because I love them so much!

Have you tried the Madewell High Riser yet?

The perfect denim

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