Running free

I don’t usually wear sneakers out other than when going to the gym because I thought they make my feet look like clown feet. But ever since I got my Nike Free 5.0 last year I just can’t seem to get enough of them. I love the clean and simple look it gives and since they’re black it’s also very easy to pair with your everyday outfit should you choose to change things up a bit. And my love for the Nike Free doesn’t stop at the looks, as they’re also extremely comfortable to wear and great for hiking, working out at the gym, running everyday errands, etc. So to me, they’re the perfect do it all shoes.

I saw this pair of floral print Free a while ago when this edition came out and loved it, but at the time I wasn’t very active or in need of a new pair of sneakers so I decided not to get them. After taking my black pair up a volcano and down to the beach, and all over the country with me, I thought maybe it’s time to look into getting another pair I can rotate them with. I looked at many different colors, some extremely bright teal or corals, but none really speak to me the way the floral print pair did. One day while browsing through Nordstrom’s website I saw them, there they are staring at me right in the face, the floral print Nike Free that I loved so much but didn’t purchase out of practicality and then sold out shortly after, available in my size (they’re still currently available but in limited sizes). I didn’t hesitate to pick them up, and now my black Nike Free 5.0 has a friend.

I’m still in the phase of figuring out how I can wear sneakers with my normal outfits without looking strange, but experiencing is half the fun in finding your own style right? If worst comes to worst, I’ll just always look really stylish at the gym, haha.

Running free

2 thoughts on “Running free

  1. Love the photos! And it’s so true.. I have the same pair of black nikes here they’ve definitively snuck into my everyday outfit! But just like you in still trying to figure out the best ways/rule of thumb for incorporating sneakers. Have you come across any articles or references?

    Jessica ||

    1. I haven’t come across any particular articles that stuck out to me, I’ll definitely let you know if I ever come across anything interesting. But regardless, I think the most important is just whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in! Definitely a learning process, hopefully we can both find what works best for us.

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