Pretty little things

I’m definitely having a moment for Madewell jewelry. Though I find them beautiful, I’ve never tried out their jewelry collection until recently because I’m pretty plain when it comes to wearing them. But after seeing over and over again all the beautiful pieces Madewell puts out, and being completely in love with the look and quality of the earrings I got from there, I thought I should give something else from Madewell a try.

I love the look of rings on hands because they just make everything look more elegant. Rings are also my prefer accessory because it’s something I can comfortably wear daily without it being caught in my hair, scarf, sleeves. I picked up 3 (they were on sale, I couldn’t resist) rings from Madewell last week, and I have to say I’m even more impressed with their jewelry now! They’re so beautifully made and does not give you the green stain on your hand, I love the variety they offer and have been wearing the 3 I got nonstop since I got them. I’m the type of person that likes having staple pieces especially when it comes to jewelry, but these rings make me wish I have more of them so I can play mix and match everyday.

Pretty little things

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