Little black boots

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I’ve always been a brown boots girl, even though I’ve owned a few pairs of black boots before, they always seem to be neglected, live quietly at the corner of my closet for a few months and then to the donation pile. But recently I’ve been falling for everything black, particularly all black booties – black leather, black heels, black zippers, the whole nine yard.

My affection for black boots started with the Acne Studio Jensen Booties a few months back when I saw them on multiple blogs, they’re a pair of classic looking black pointed boots with low heel that looks super easy to walk in, sound right up my alley. But, I just couldn’t justify spending $500+ on a pair of boots at this stage of my life (or ever). When I found the ASOS Right About Now Western Pointed Chelsea Ankle Boots, I knew they would be a great, affordable dupe for me to try and see if I’ll actually like them on me. Upon receiving them and trying them on, I have to say I love them even more than I originally thought I would! They’re extremely comfortable and are so easy to slip on, the leather like material has a beautiful grain look which is what I wanted when looking at the Jensen (the Jensen comes in smooth, grain and suede I believe, but I think the grain looks the best and will also age the best). They’re truly a beautiful pair of boots and at such an amazing price point too! I’ve been looking for a pair of slip on boots to replace my brown Nine West ones for over a year, and I think I found them.

The second pair that’s been added to my collection was actually an unplanned purchase. I came across a pair of Madewell Ames Boots one day while browsing on Poshmark, at first I was just interested in them because of the amazing price tag (the “amazing sale you just can’t pass on” type buying urge), but after doing a little research and looking up some more photos of how they look on, I find myself constantly thinking about them. I actually waited a week or so – risking it being sold in the mean time, before purchasing them because I wasn’t 100% sure about the condition of the boots and the sizing, but I’m so glad I took the risk and got them! Even though there are some slight creasing you can see, it’s really not noticeable when you’re wearing them, and the size is actually perfect for my feet with socks on. I took them with me when I went down to Atlanta for a wedding, and they’re so comfortable and versatile that they ended up being the only shoes I wore all weekend other than the heels for the actual wedding. They’re not only great for elevating your outfit when you just want to wear a simple jeans and t-shirt combo, but also nice enough to pair with a more formal look. I wore them with my rehearsal dinner dress (ASOS Africa Lace Maxi Dress) and I love the look they add to the whole outfit, I even walked the Atlanta Beltline with them on afterwards and it didn’t cause any pain! They’re honestly the best bang for my buck I’ve gotten on Poshmark and I cannot be happier. (As a side note, I actually looked at the Ames boots last year in brown, but ended up going with another pair of brown boots. Who knew I would end up getting them a year later anyway!)

I love these 2 pairs so much that I’m seriously considering getting backups for them just in case, haha. I think they’ll be my go to for this F/W, but I also want to find another pair that are shorter, more ankle height to add to the mix. I loved the look of the Dolce Vita Jaeger Booties but the material didn’t exactly fit what I was looking for, so if you have a pair of black ankle boots you love or have seen some great ones online, please share with me!

Little black boots

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