On my mind lately #11


Recently I’ve been obsessing over West Elm‘s furniture, but can you blame me? With our move around the corner, even though we are not purchasing many (if any) new pieces, it still puts me in the mood to look at all the furniture and interior decor boards on Pinterest and do some window shopping online. I’m really loving the mid century modern look, and I also really love the mix of gold, wood and clean white! I think it gives the space a very clearn and modern look but still feels warm and welcoming. Here are a few piece that I’m currently loving from West Elm! What are some of your favorite furniture stores to shop?

  1. Finn Armchair
    A cute chair that can be used as a reading chair or a piece to add to your living room collection. I love having a unique chair that’s not the same as the sofa as I think it gives a fun twist to the room. Also, if you want to experiment with colors but are not so sure yet and don’t want to start with a big item like sofa or sectionals, a chair is a great way to add some colors to your room as well!
  2. Mid-Century Storage Bench 
    A great piece to add to your door way and add some personality to it. I personally think this piece can also be used as a piece in the bedroom or area where you get ready in the morning. The bench allows you to sit and put on the more difficult shoes, and it can also be a place where you layout your outfits for tomorrow. I really love that it has 2 drawers on the side as well to store things, I’m thinking lint rollers, shoe horn and pieces you might need for last minute touches when getting ready.
  3. Mid-Century Mimi Desk 
    I think this is the perfect mini desk for a vanity. I love the mid-century look and I think it’s a really simple piece that will work well with any room. The wood gives a nice warm touch and makes it feel more homey, but the clean lines will work well in a very contemporary room as well.
  4. Peggy Mid-Century Sofa 
    A combination of clean, classic and retro. I love how the tufted back and cushions gives the sofa more details, but the body of the design is still very clean. The tapered legs (again, the mid-century modern look that I’m obsession over) makes the bottom of the sofa not as boring as it otherwise would with straight legs.
  5. Modern Night Stand 
    I love how charming and cute this piece is! The clean white body of the night stand combines with the wood, angled legs makes it a very fun piece to add to your room. Though it’s not very adventurous color wise, the shape adds a unique element to the room. And since the piece is smaller, it won’t be as obtrusive and shift the focus of the style of the room as if you get the desk.
  6. Clover Coffee Table 
    Personally, I love these weird shaped coffee tables. I think they’re fun to add to any room. But of course sometimes they might not be as practical since you do not have a lot of surface area to work with. I think this would be great to add to a reading room/office where you don’t need as much surface area as you would in the living room. It’ll be great to put a plant, a couple books and a mug on it, but if you want it to handle anything more it won’t be as functional.
  7. Sculpted Geo Console
    Jumping away from the wood, warm tone feel. This piece is very clean and modern with some not so traditional angles. I think a piece like this will definitely add a pop to your room, but when working with something that stands out, it’s important to be careful what you pair it with, because it’s very noticeable, it might clash with some other elements and focal point you have in the room.
  8. Marble Topped Pedestal 
    This piece is probably the most different from all the other pieces I’ve picked out here. But I love the pop of gold that it adds to the room, and marble top (which is very popular recently) balance out the “fancy-ness” of the gold body and give it a more approachable feel. I think gold is a very easy element/color to work with as it goes well with wood, leather, clean white or polished concrete. So if you want to add a pop of gold to your room this piece is the perfect piece to accomplish it.

*images taken from Westelm.com*

On my mind lately #11

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