Where are they now: Eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadow is the first serious makeup item I explored other than brow pencil and eyeliner. Eye makeup has always interested me the most because I think eyes are the window of your soul, and pair of bright, sharp, and awake eyes can really change a persons overall appearance and energy. Today I’m going over the 3 eye shadow palette I’ve collected, and where I stand with them now!

The first ever eye shadow palette of my collection is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. It’s the first major makeup purchase I’ve made before I started really pay attention to makeup and beauty. I purchased it because my co worker at the time really love her Naked 1 palette and she always has a very nicely put together face of makeup at work which I’m always very amazed and impressed by, so after looking at the color offering (by this time, the Naked 3 is also out and available) of all 3 palettes, I decided to go with the 2. I like the formula and the palette, and thought it does a decent job of creating nice, neutral looking eye looks, but I kind of wish I’ve picked up the Naked 1 instead because I think the color of the Naked 2 is too similar to my tan skin and doesn’t show up as well as I would like.

After a few months of having my first palette, I started seeing all the rave about the Lorac Pro Palette that took the beauty world by storm and decided I need to try it out, and I’m so glad I did. It is to this date my favorite palette, I love how pigmented the shadows are and how easy it is to apply and blend. The color payoff is unparalleled compare to the Naked 2 on my skin, and the range of color is also very versatile with the ability to create neutral, smoky, or a pop of color look for your eyes. It is hands down my favorite and definitely the one palette I will be repurchasing when I run out.

A few months ago I saw this Stila Eyes Are the Window Shadow Palette (soul) on my beauty guru/girl crush HeyClaire‘s channel, the palette looked so beautiful I couldn’t help but purchased one for myself. The packaging is beautiful and the palette has a perfect mix of mattes and shimmers. The colors are all on the neutral side and are all colors I can see me incorporating in my everyday look, but the formula compare to the Lorac Pro Palette is not as pigmented when it first deposits, it is however very build-able and blends very nicely which is great for when you want a more subtle look. I reach for it often for creating a natural work look and I love playing with all the shimmer shades because I think they look very natural.

I try to mix up my palettes often and try to rotate them and spread the love equally, but I find myself reaching for the Pro palette the most especially when I want a more intense look, and mixing the Pro and Soul palette for everyday work. I’ll break out the Naked 2 every so often when I want an easy, one swipe eyeshadow look for work, but it’s definitely not getting as much attention as it used to.

Where are they now: Eyeshadow palettes

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