Falling for Jo Malone

There are so many things to love about Jo Malone, from the beautifully layered scents to the simple, elegant packaging. Ever since I saw the brand and their offerings from different blogs, I was not able to get it out of my head.

After visiting their counters multiple times and trying out different scent samples, I finally decided on one to start! To my surprise I actually didn’t go with the original one I thought I was going to get, which was the Blackberry & Bay – A beautiful, refreshing and upbeat fruity scent. I ended up falling in love with the Nectarine Blossom & Honey – A soft, mellow, and sweet mix of peaches and honey, which I tried during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access. The scent is very comforting but at the same time very refreshing and summery, I think it’s perfect for the season and will be great to mix and match with some other scent in the future as well.

During my visit to the counter, I also looked around at their candles (because honestly, who doesn’t love a great candle?) and fell in love with the White Lilac & Rhubarb candle – A mix of fruity, floral and refreshing scent that smells like a summer garden in a candle. It is a limited edition candle with special packaging that helps support the community gardens (you can read more about each of the projects they’re helping here). Not only was the candle for a good cause and smells amazing, but the colorful printed packaging is unlike traditional Jo Malone candles and will be a great decor that adds a touch of summer in any home.

This was definitely a splurge, but I truly believe a good bottle of fragrance really makes a difference of a person’s appearance and presentation, and with the new apartment’s move in date around the corner, I’m excited to have a great candle to accompany me at my new home!

Falling for Jo Malone

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