Little brush haul

A good brush really makes a difference when it comes to makeup, but sometimes a nice set of brush can cost an arm and a leg. I have a few face brushes from Sephora and a few nicer eye brushes,  but since I’m not at the point where I apply face makeup everyday yet, it’s hard for me to justify buying a really nice face brush set, especially since some will be serving the same purpose as the brushes I already have.

I’ve always heard a lot of the youtubers talk about how great Real Techniques brushes are, so I decided to look them up just for fun to see where I can get them/what their price point is in the states, and to my surprise they’re extremely affordable! You can actually get them from multiple places online, I ended up ordering mine from Target since I had a free shipping code and they actually have the best deal! Since they’re such a great deal, I didn’t hesitate to place a large order and picked up all the ones that interest me/have great reviews from my favorite youtubers. I got all of these for less than $25 which was seriously a deal you can’t beat, and they’re more than enough for me to do a full face of make up so I won’t have to worry about needing to pick up other ones to fill any gap. They look really nice and are very soft, I’m excited to try them out and will report back what I think of them once I have some time to play around with them!

Little brush haul

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