Pure abundance

Aveda is a brand that I’ve always really liked, especially when it comes to hair care products. My obsession with their daily remedy is well known and recently I’ve finally decided to branch out and try more of their products. In comes the Pure Abundance range! When I first saw the advertisement, I was drawn to it immediately. Nature’s boost for fine hair? Count me in!

I always feel my hair lacks the fullness and body, and am willing to try pretty much anything to get a full hair. I know sometimes there’s just not much you can do when it comes to what was given to you genetically (unless you go get a perm, which I always do when I travel home to visit my family), so I wouldn’t say this product will change the nature of your hair completely and make your fine hair thick and full, but the Pure Abundance range definitely makes your hair more light weight, fluffier than its used to, and easier to style!

I love the feeling of super light weight and clean hair, though it’s the hardest time to style because your hair lacks the grittiness, when combining the shampoo, conditioner and style prep spray, it makes my hair super easy to style and actually holds my curls (if you want some extra oomph to the curls, try adding some surf spray when styling), and if you want some extra grittiness, they also have a hair potion that comes out as powder but will transform into lotion in your hand! Which is fun and interesting to play with on its own too.

There are so many other range from Aveda that are meant for different types of hair! If you’re in the search for new hair products, definitely check out their offerings, or try then out at one of their salons which offers a lot of great services as well!

Pure abundance

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