Firefly Music Festival favorites

firefly favorites

This past weekend I attended my friend Jess’s bachelorette party at Firefly Music Festival, did glamping with 7 other girls for 4 days and had an amazing time. I had so much fun at the festival and there were 3 acts that I really enjoyed and thought I did share with yall on this Monday morning to help you recover from the weekend!

  • Jungle – A band from London with chill, modern jazzy/soul style music. They are fun to listen to, a little funky and goofy, and makes you want to do a little wiggle when their songs come on.
  • Kygo – My favorite act of the festival! His tropical house music very relaxing and comfortable to listen to but at the same time makes you want to dance, seriously just good vibes all around. He also plays with a lot of the songs you already know, making it easy to sing and dance along with. I had so much fun singing and dancing to his set at the festival and now I just want to listen to his music on repeat.
  • Sublime with Rome – Throwback to the 90s. Sublime was the first band I was introduced to when I moved to the states by my group of friends in high school. I was so happy I get to see them live as it’s associated with lots of great memories, and on top of that their live performance was incredible.
  • An honorary mention is this band I discovered at the festival called Generationals. I knew nothing about them before the festival, but ended up being all the way up front for their set and their voices are incredible!

A little indie, a little electro, a little something from across the pond. Hopefully this list will give you some new voices/sound to listen to this week. Make sure to let me know what you think of them!

Firefly Music Festival favorites

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