Effortless curls


After growing my hair out for the past 10 months, they’re finally at a long enough length for me to comfortably get some layers! So recently during my trip down to Atlanta I visited my go to hair stylist Quyen at Q Hair Studio to get a new hair do. I’m really loving the layers and have finally mastered a super simple but effective way to create curls that last. Today I want to run you through what I’ve been doing and using to style my hair, and hopefully these little tips will help all the fine hair gals out there that struggle to get their curls to stay!

To prep I use Aveda Damange Remedy Daily Hair Repair (on the ends) in conjunction with Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep (spray all over) before blow drying. I then blow dry on medium heat setting till the hair is completely dry, let it cool before using my hot tools curling iron that’s set at 300 degrees. When curling, I avoid touching my hair after it’s released from the curling iron so the curls can cool and set. After everything is done, I spray the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturing Spray all over the top, bottom, surface and underside of my hair, scrunch it up a little and voila! And of course you can substitute the prepping products with any heat protecting style prep product and leave in conditioner you already have, a curling iron you are comfortable using, and a salt spray of your choice (or substitute for hair spray for a more hard and gritty texture), just make sure you’re using something you like and works well with your hair and scalp, because what works for me might not work for you.

I hope you find these hair styling tips helpful, and let me know what your secrets are for creating beautiful, effortless curls!

Effortless curls

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