Skincare 1.2.3.

It’s been a while since I talked about my skincare in this little corner, so today I’m going to briefly run through what I’m currently using as my 3 step skincare!

After cleansing, I pop a little Sisley Toning Lotion all over my face to freshen it up and prep it for the next steps. I find that this step is particular important to help the serum and moisturizer absorb. For serum I’m current loving the Origins Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Skin Ton Correcting Serum (well that’s a mouth full) since I’ve been out and about a lot of the weekends recently. I wanted something that is light weight, comfortable on the face and will even out the tan and take care of the UV damage all my activities has caused me. I find this extremely helpful and shows visible difference after a few use, I also love the scent and the texture it left my skin after using. Last but not least is my beloved Sisley Ecological Compound, this is my favorite moisturizer and I’m extremely sad to see it running so low… This bottle is incredibly moisturizing but doesn’t leave your skin feeling icky or sticky. I really can’t stress enough on how amazing the quality Sisley products have, though it’s on the (really) expensive side, it’s THE brand I would recommend if you want to invest in high end skincare.

Skincare 1.2.3.

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