City of angels photo diary

Last weekend I took a trip out to LA and visited one of my best friends, it’s been on my to-do list for a very long time and I finally did it!  It was my very first time visiting the city (have stopped by many times for my layover but was never able to get out and look around) and everything just feels so relaxing in this city, it was a very different vibe than anywhere I’ve ever been to.  Brian told me I looked extremely happy all weekend and he’s never seen me stay this happy and energetic for this long (I get tired really easily…ha), and honestly I think this was the happiest and most excited I’ve been about visiting a place in a very long time.  I really wish I could take a trip back soon, and maybe one day live the west coast life!

I visited a lot of places during my short stay, but there are so many more I want to see!  Even though it wasn’t much, I wanted to share with you guys the bits of LA I was able to experience.  Hope you enjoy!

City of angels photo diary

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