On my mind lately #7

I have to admit, I’m pretty boring when it comes to shoes.  I just want them to be comfortable and easy to get on and off, the rest I like to keep them simple.  But recently I’ve been looking through Free People, maybe because it’s festival season, or maybe because I’m just feeling a little funky and adventurous lately, I don’t know, but I kinda like it.  I might not be brave enough to actually wear some of these, but hey, they sure are fun to look at!

free people shoes

  1. Free People Rendering Crochet Clog
    I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of clogs, quite honestly I thought they were weird looking and too chunky.  But when I saw this pair I was extremely attracted to it!  I love the mix of perforated and solid leather and think it’s beautiful, and the platform look actually doesn’t bother me as much (seeing all the pictures of people wearing them on their website).  I am also surprised by how much I like the black pair as I never really cared for the black with brown/wood heel mix, but on this pair I think it works so well together as the wood part makes the shoes look not as heavy compare to if it’s all black.  My main concerns with these are that they look a little difficult to get on (read: no zippers, extra time to take on and off) and I won’t be brave enough to wear them to work as people at my work dress pretty conservatively… But they’re definitely on my wishlist!
  2. Free People Sunchaser Shoeboot
    THESE!  Now these are a pair that I can see myself wearing everywhere, I’m completely in love with these and have been eyeing them for a long time now.  What’s stopping me from buying other then the somewhat hefty price tag is the fact that the reviews for them are not great, a lot of people are saying they’re not comfortable which is very unfortunate.  I’m still keeping these in my wishlist as one day maybe I’ll get them to try for myself, but for now they’re on hold.
  3. Birkenstock Pisa
    I’m eyeing the Arizona because I want a pair of comfortable sandals for the summer, but these are also adorable and very unique!  I’ve never owned a pair of Birks before so I think I will go for the classic Arizona as my first pair, and if I like them enough maybe I’ll get a funky pair in the future!
  4. Freebird by Steven Eagle Heel Boot
    Honestly I don’t really get the point of peep toe boots… When you wear boots you want them to be warm, when you want open toe shoes its because you want to keep your feet cool and able to breath in the warmer temperature, so why do peep toe boots?  Fashion before practicality I guess.  I do think these are interesting and fun, the color is very different than what I usually go for but I think they’ll be perfect for spring or fall.
  5. Jeffrey Campbell Minimal Lace Up Heel
    I love the color of these shoes!  They’re gorgeous and fun but at the same time you can still wear them with different colors/outfits.  I usually go for brown or black shoes because they match everything and will never go out of style, but for these I think the berry is my favorite of them all!  I think the berry is dark and rich enough that, like navy can go with a lot of things and can be a great addition for any wardrobe.  I also love the lace and the openness of the shoe, great for showing off some skin when you’re wearing pants/jeans, and will help elongate your legs when wearing shorts/skirts.

*images taken from FreePeople.com*

On my mind lately #7

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