The wish list: Lou & Grey Spring 2015

Every time Lou & Grey comes out with their new items for each season, I can’t help but make mental notes of which ones I wish I had in my wardrobe (or which ones I would like to add… hint hint).  There are a lot of color options for this season but also a lot of great basics as well.  See what I’ve picked out for my wish list this spring!

lou and grey wishlist 15 spring

  1. Lou & Grey Shadowstripe Tunic
    A tank top with a higher neckline gives it a less casual look.  This will be perfect as a piece that can transition from work to play with a simple action of taking your cardigan off or switching into jeans or a skirt.
  2. Lou & Grey Windowpane Trim Tee 
    I’m in love with this tee.  I’ve been wanting to add a windowpane pattern shirt to my wardrobe, but every time I see one I felt the pattern was too busy and not as basic as I would like it to be.  When I saw this shirt, I knew this would be the perfect one!  I love the balance of pattern and solid color, and the mesh on the shoulder also adds a little sexiness to it.
  3. Lou & Grey Anorak Vest 
    Vests are a great layering piece.  I have my go to J.Crew vest for the winter, and I think this would act as a perfect counter part for spring to add a little dimension to your outfits.
  4. Lou & Grey Denim Jacket 
    This season it’s all about denim jacket.  It is to spring as a leather jacket is to fall and winter.  I’m a little hesitant on getting one as I don’t really know how practical it is for office wear, but it is definitely something I’m interested in exploring.
  5. Lou & Grey Piqueplay Tee 
    I love the not so basic basics from Lou & Grey.  This shirt is very straight forward and simple but at the same time it is not your typical plain shirt.  It has a subtle front panel that is made of a different material of the body, giving it an interesting play on texture.
  6. Lou & Grey Spacedye Maxi Dress 
    Another higher neckline item.  I didn’t really like the look of this type of neckline when I was younger because I thought it felt restricting and is not as cool (temperature wise) when wearing, but now that I’m revisiting it I think it adds a more sophisticated look to the dress and will make it more appropriate to wear in different occasions.
  7. Lou & Grey Duo Tee 
    2 in 1 shirts were my favorite in middle school!  Remember the fake long sleeve under short sleeve shirt look?  I was very resisting to this type of shirts for a while because it reminds me of my… not so stylish days, but after seeing this particular one I’ve become more open to the idea as it looks so effortless but at the same time put together.  Another not so basic basic.
  8. Lou & Grey Duo Skirt 
    The counter part of the duo tee, I like the duo material on the skirt because the semi sheer material on the bottom makes it look sexy but not revealing.  The length of the skirt is also appropriate for work but the sheer will make it a good transitional piece for happy hour or going out.

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The wish list: Lou & Grey Spring 2015

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