Capsule wardrobe update | Spring 2015

Some of you are probably wondering what is happening with my capsule wardrobe challenge, and no I haven’t forgotten or abandon it, right now I’m just kind of stuck because the weather here is still a little chilly and can go down to the 40s some days, so I’m still using most of the pieces from my winter capsule wardrobe.  On top of that, I’ll be moving out of my current apartment by the end of April, so I’m trying to start packing things up and refrain myself from purchasing any new items till I move.  But I promise I will give you an update on my capsule wardrobe once I’m moved!

This spring, I’m focusing on a few things – Layering pieces, comfortable shoes, versatile jackets, some good quality basics and a few “basics but not so basics”.  There are a few new items I already acquired, and a few that are on my shopping list after I move, but I’m beyond excited!  I think I’ve slowly figured out what works for me and what doesn’t, with the help of listing items I haven’t wore/used in 6+ months, or items I just don’t love on myself on Poshmark, it helps me define my personal style even more.  There are a few items that were mentioned at the beginning of my blogging adventure that I think no longer suites me, but I’m learning from my experience!  Just like what Caroline from Un-Fancy always says – How fascinating!

Seeing how my style has changed and evolved though the year, especially after I sign myself up with the capsule wardrobe challenge makes me realize what’s important and necessary and what’s not.  I’m really enjoying pairing down my wardrobe, and hopefully in the near future I will have one that will only need to be updated when I need to replace one of the current items.

Capsule wardrobe update | Spring 2015

3 thoughts on “Capsule wardrobe update | Spring 2015

  1. I completely understand this! I’ve just inadvertently taken two months off to give myself time to put together a more versatile wardrobe for the four months of spring and summer!

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