The practical festival goer

It’s that time of the year again, you see all of your favorite bloggers and youtubers getting ready to attend awesome festivals all over the country in some amazing, super chic outfits!  I feel like it’s pretty much the most exciting style event other than fashion week because it’s pretty much a free for all for everyone to showcase their style.

I have been to a few festivals myself and really enjoyed it.  I love the atmosphere and music, but I was never one to get super dressed up for it mainly because I was a poor student with not a lot of extra cash to buy items that I will probably only wear once, so I usually go for more practical and less crazy items that I can wear on a normal basis as well so the cost per wear will pay itself off.

This year, I will be attending Firefly in DE with some of my closet friends to celebrate the lovely Jess from Rose & Fig‘s bachelorette party!  It will be my first time camping for a festival which I’m both nervous and excited about!  There are so many things you need to take into account when attending a festival especially if you’re camping!  But today, lets talk outfits!

I’ve picked out a few items that I think will both be great for festivals but also can be worn as an everyday item, so take a look!

the practical festival goer

  1. Madewell Oversized Button-Down Shirt in Major Stripe
    Great on its own or layering over a tank or dress and adding an extra dimension to your outfits.  A shirt like this is also good to have for when it gets cooler at night time.  Roll up the sleeves and tie up the bottom to make it shorter for a more retro look.
  2. Barbour International Jacket
    Depending on the location and time of the festival you’re going to, sometimes a nice jacket to protect you from rain and cold is necessary.  Barbour is a go to for a lot of people, especially in the UK.  I really love their waxed jacket as they have a unique look.
  3. Madwell Silk Overlay Cami Dress
    Dresses that will not fly all over the place is great for festivals because it keeps you cool and is super comfortable to wear, but at the same time you won’t have to worry about the wind.  Picking one solid color might seem boring to some people, but I think the pop of color sometimes stand out more than busy prints, and also this will be a dress I can wear to everywhere and not just the festival!
  4. Aritzia Welfred Bienaime T-Shirt
    Like to keep it simple?  A tank or t-shirt with shorts, jeans or skirt is the way to go.  You can opt for a shirt with a more unusual cut, fit or texture to create some interest, or go with the basics white tee or tank (can’t go wrong with basics).
  5. Aritzia Welfred Gabrielle Skirt
    Midi skirts are the best in my opinion because they’re long enough to cover yourself but short enough that you won’t have to worry about it dragging on the ground or being stepped on.  I also like them for the fact that they’re long enough to sit on, unlike shorter skirts when you sit down it might not be enough to cover your bottom.  The thought of skin touching dirt and grime… not so pleasent.
  6. Aritzia Talula Trooper Jacket
    Need something lightweight and stylish but still protects you from the rain for where you’re going?  A medium to light weight military style jacket is perfect!  It will protect you from the wind and rain but won’t be too hot and heavy to move around in.
  7. Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue Ca High-Top Sneakers
    Comfortable shoes are a must for festival goers that want to dance the weekend away.  I prefer closed toe shoes because rest assured, someone at some point will accidentally step on you. Also make sure it’s a pair you’re willing to let it get dirty because if it’s an outdoor festival, rain dirt and puddles sometimes are inevitable.
  8. Free People Magnolia Platform Clog
    For the shorter festival goers like myself, something with a little height never hurts.  I personally have not tried to wear shoes with heels or platform shoes to a festival because I’m not very comfortable at being tall (you know what I mean?), but for those that can walk, run and dance in platforms, they’re definitely a great choice because those extra few inches will go a long way when you’re buried in the crowd.
  9. Madewell Geo-Lace Eyelet Dress
    Every time I see someone wearing a white dress, I always give them a mental high five – You go girl for wearing a white dress to a festival!  I love the look of white dresses because they’re really easy and go with anything, but the down side is that it gets dirty really easily… But if you’re going to a festival that is in the city (read: concrete or hard floors) and you know you don’t have to worry about dusts, rain and mud, I would say go for it.  I love how this dress is both effortless but yet stylish with some interesting details on the body.

*image taken from respected retail websites*

The practical festival goer

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