Finally achieving the natural beach wave

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I long for lazy beach wave style hair but can never achieve the look without actually perming my hair because my hair is really fine and flat.  I’ve heard salt spray works wonders but usually for those who already have a naturally curly hair and do actually get the “beach hair” when they go to the beach, so I never really thought to try it.  But ever since I stumbled upon this post on The Sunday Girl‘s blog about how her sister – who has really fine, perfectly straight hair – achieved loose waves, I was determined to try and succeed at my life long mission of having loose waves without getting a perm.

My process ended up being it a little different than how she did it (read: more lazy), but it works out really well for me.  For those of you that are looking to achieve the beach wave look, I definitely recommend this technique!

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What you need: Salt spray (I used Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturing Spray), hair ties and a hair dryer with diffuser.

The process:  After washing my hair, I let it air dry for a while till my scalp is almost dry and the rest of my hair damp, then I spray the salt spray all over my hair and comb through with my hands.  Once it’s equally applied I split my hair in half and twist them into 2 top knots, instead of blasting my hair with hair dryer to dry them, I sleep in it overnight.  Your hair should be dry enough that it won’t ruin your sheets/pillows, but if you’re worried you can either dry them a little with the hair dryer, or wrap a towel around your head and sleep in that.  In the morning I use a diffuser to dry my hair after I release them from the buns, I dry it with hot air first because it’s more comfortable and soothing, then cool air to help set the curls/shape!  This part I find particularly important because if you dry your hair warm without setting it with cold air you might loose your curls (especially for those with fine straight hair).  And voila!  Don’t even need hair spray afterwards!

Picture below is my hair after they’re dry, you get the nice loose curls all over and it also helps give more volume to the top of my head (which is usually really flat).  I’m in love with this trick – so easy, simple and no fuss.  How do you achieve the beach wave look?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Finally achieving the natural beach wave

7 thoughts on “Finally achieving the natural beach wave

    1. No problem!! I’ve been struggling for so long to get a nice beach wave look and thought this easy trick would be helpful for others too. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

  1. Omg 1, those tiny topknots are adorable. 2, trying this for beach waves! Right now I just french braid my hair when it’s damp and leave that overnight, but half the time I’m too lazy to actually take the braid out and forget about the waves 😛 Love the end result of yours!

    1. Thanks Jess! I’ve tried the braid tactic before but the top of my head just end up looking really flat compare to the wavy bottom and I look like a cocker spainel… I find that this way it helps bring up the curls and the position of the topknots help lift the roots of my hair a little! And unlike a braid which you can easily forget about and wear it outside the house, you’ll always remember you take the ridiculous looking topknots off so you can show off the waves 😉

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