Welcome, 2015

hello 2015

Happy New Year!  Can you believe we’re already a week into 2015?  I feel that this year’s transition didn’t feel as dramatic for me as it used to, it felt like just another month.  I think my mind has become more peaceful as I’m at a place where I want to be and am making good progress towards my goals. This year, it’s not necessary for a new beginning, but to continue what I’m doing.

I didn’t really have any specific New Year resolutions in mind, but there are a few things I would like to work on/improve:

  1. Spend more time taking pictures – I love taking pictures, but sometimes I get impatient and just want to have a quick snap and be done, and I need to work on that.  Everything good takes time to do, though some picture of “the moments” are wonderful, it takes years to perfect capturing that moment.
  2. Improve on my writing and add to my vocabulary – I’m not very good with words, it’s hard for me to write a post that I’m happy with and I want to change that.  I’m almost always happy with my content and topics, but sometimes I wish I have more words to express how I feel and I how I see the world.
  3. Draw more – I always loved doodling on my text books when I was little, I love drawing, painting and just playing with colors.  But ever since I got out of school I haven’t really had time or the energy to draw, I can feel my skill worsen, my hands more stiff and my mind less creative whenever I tried to draw, and it really frustrates me.  I don’t want to lost this set of skill I have and the only way to pick it back up is to draw more often!
  4. A healthier diet – Living by yourself makes cooking hard, on top of that having to work full time and get home after 7pm makes it even harder to motivate yourself to cook, I’m so burnt out at the end of the day, the thought of prepping and cleaning up are just not fun.  But this year I want to be less lazy about getting groceries and cooking healthy meals for myself!

How’s your new year so far?

Welcome, 2015

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