A new way to shop

IMG_9540Rose & Fig // Barbour Beadnell jacket, Sam Edelman flats

I have a confession to make… I’m addicted to online thrifting!  Recently I’ve started shopping on eBay and apps like Poshmark and Tradesy to find bargains thanks to the influence of one of my dearest friend Jess from Rose & Fig.  She started this “Nothing New” challenge at the beginning of 2014, where she will not buy anything new or retail clothing wise for a whole year (you can read more about her journey on her blog).  I was very inspired by her way of shopping so I started exploring myself!

When I first started, it was very overwhelming as there are so many things you can find, you really need to pay attention and do a lot of research on what you want to buy before you do because most of the items you cannot return, but it gets easier as you go.  The bidding process is thrilling, it is also very satisfying when you find something that you’ve been wooing and ahing over that’s practically brand new for less than half the price!  It’s also a way to find limited edition items that’re sold out.  It’s a good approach for those who have a smaller budget and are willing to spend time digging, or for those who loves thrifting.

So far I’m having a great experience and have found some awesome items for a fraction of the retail price, from now on I will definitely be checking them first before I make another full price purchase.  How do you feel about shopping used?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPoshmark // Madewell sweaterProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preseteBay // Madewell skinny jeans, Sam Edelman Petty boots

A new way to shop

6 thoughts on “A new way to shop

    1. I’ve been doing a lot (pretty much all) of it online using eBay! We also have apps like Poshmark and Tradesy, wonder if y’all have any equivalents in Aussie you can use to thrift online..? It’s definitely more risky as you can’t see the item in person but I think with a good research and a good site that helps protects the buyers/sellers it’s really a great way to shop!

  1. We totally thrift online for the same reasons! I love the thrill of the chase… And no old musty smells bothering the allergies and NO weirdy old men like in Goodwill, haha. I just got some shorts from Poshmark and am noticing that more and more it has a better selection than eBay for thrifted clothes. Poshmarkers unite!

    1. Ah nice! And yea I agree, I think Poshmark has a better selection for us because the users are mostly younger women so the items listed are more up our alley as well. I also find the sellers are less sketchy than some of the ones on eBay. Really glad I started using Posh! I’m glad you like it too!

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