Keeping your feetsies warm

I was never a slippers gal, I thought they were kind of restricting and annoying, and I also didn’t think they’re that practical because I have lots of socks in my drawers that I can easily put on if my feet get cold.  But I recently gave in because I wanted something that I can easily slip on and off if I need to run out real quick and for whenever I go over to Brian’s house (hardwood floors everywhere = cold to walk around), I opt for a cheap pair from TJ Maxx because I wanted to see how often I’ll actually wear them, and the answer is all the damn time!  I wear them in the house, outside the house (I picked out one with thick rubber soles which allows them to be wearable outdoor, but usually only to and from my car), whenever I can.  There’s just something about a pair of fuzzy slippers that puts you in a good mood and the holiday spirit, and I’m loving them!

I’ve round up a few adorable options that I absolutely love, hopefully they’ll help keep your feet warm 24/7!


From left to right: MUK LUKS x Urban Outfitter Confetti Amira Slipper Boot // Madewell Faux-Shearling Snow Cloud Slippers // UGG Mimi Bailey Bow Corduroy // Sperry Top-Sider Mackenzie Moccasin Slipper

Keeping your feetsies warm

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