Capsule wardrobe prep | Winter 2015

With winter fast approaching and Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, I’ve started planning my winter capsule wardrobe so I can make sure I get a good deal during the sales.

I got some ideas of what I need to deal with the winter here in DC thanks to the below freezing temperature we have here recently, so to start the prep I’ve made a list of things I think I will need to survive the winter.  Lots of warm cozy knits, big coats, warm boots, etc.  Here’s a short list of things with links to a few items I will most likely be adding to my wardrobe:

capsule wardrobe prep winter 15

  1. Winter coat // Seriously loving this, this, and this. I like my coats to be on the large side so I can layer thick/chunky knits underneath and still be comfortable!
  2. Oversize cardigan // Can’t wait to snuggle in this and this!  I just want to be all wrapped up in these, they’re great for layering too.
  3. Warm boots // An important element to surviving the snow day and to avoid slipping, you can’t go outside without this, this, this or this.
  4. Cords // Sometimes jeans are just not thick enough for the cold winter, to keep your legs warm try this, this and this.
  5. Knits // You really don’t need a reason to cozy up, this one and this one are my top choices!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the stores you love for their Black Friday deals!  Some stores like Madewell and Shopbop already started theirs so make sure to grab the hot items you want before they’re gone!

Capsule wardrobe prep | Winter 2015

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