Baby snake


Every since I was little my parents try to collect snake (shape/print) related items for me whenever they can because I’m a snake baby (born in the Year of the Snake, that is).  It has become a thing for my family to share with each other whenever we see a cool snake print or product in a snake shape, so when I saw this Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette with a color scheme that’s right up my alley, I had to get it for myself.

The contrast of the wood print and the gold of the snake is beyond beautiful, and the purple jewel on the snake is a very nice touch.  When you take a second to think about it, the colors and textures used on the design fits so nicely with what’s inside the palette – matte browns, glittery golds, and purple jeweled tones.  Definitely an ah-ha moment for me when I realize that, props to the packaging designer at Tarte, very clever indeed!

I really love the sultry orchid hue eyeshadow in this palette, not only is it very fall/winter appropriate, it has everything you need to create any look you want, natural, smokey, a pop of color, you name it!  The highlighter has just the right amount of shimmer and the bronzer is just dark enough for me to create a contrast without being overly dramatic (perfect for a beginner like me).  The blush is a rosy pink with a hint of plum and brown and appears to have a hint of coral as well when applied, it looks great for an everyday look!  Some reviews claim it doesn’t blend as evenly but I didn’t really have a problem with that, but again I’m not that sensitive to this kind of stuff…  This palette looks like it’ll be very versatile as the colors are great for everyday looks and for all the holiday festivities.  I can’t wait to play around with it more!

Baby snake

2 thoughts on “Baby snake

  1. I agree, props to that packaging designer – very clever! Have you tried other Tarte products? I considered their BB cream at one point, but then stopped using BB cream entirely and didn’t buy anything 😛 I am in love with their fresh rainforest packaging designs.

    1. I actually haven’t tried any other stuff from Tarte, but I heard their Amazonian Clay Blush is supposed to be amazing (rumor has it that the individual ones are better quality than the ones in a palette), and I also love their packaging for their Amazonian Butter Lipstick, it’s super fun and colorful!

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