On my mind lately #4

I know we’re still in the fall months but it got super cold this past weekend which puts me into a winter coats mood.  Today I pulled some items that are not necessary snow proof coats, but something that is long and cozy that can be layered for the late fall and early winter.  I’m looking for something loose, long, with less structure and somewhat flowy to add some romantic touch especially in the season where most things are black oriented.

long coats

  1. Mango Lapels Wool-Blend Coat – This is THE coat I’m eyeing for later this season, a lovely coat that looks so comfortable, soft, and feminine.  I know the “borrowed from the boys” look is in this season, but I already have a few very structured oversize coats in my closet so I am looking to add something more feminine to it.  This is a perfect coat that sits perfectly in the middle of formal and casual, which means it can be dressed up or down accordingly (who doesn’t love versatility?)
  2. Loft Coatigan – I love the way they style this coat on their website, I actually went into the store and tried it on and liked the look and feel (with or without a belt).  However, like the name mentioned, it’s more of a half cardigan half coat, the material is a soft wool blend and it doesn’t really itch, but I don’t think it will be warm enough to be worn on its own in the winter months, and the fact that it doesn’t come with a belt or loops to hold a belt in place it means you can only go one way or another, making changing up your look on the go more difficult.
  3. Pazzo Coat – This looks more like structured oversize coat, but when you see it on the model it actually drapes really beautifully. the fabric looks soft and falls nicely, giving it a flowy look.  I also like the print on the jacket, giving it some definition and character to an otherwise standard coat.
  4. H&M Wool Blend Coat – I love the cut on the bottom of this coat, the angular shape plus the casual folds when wearing creates a nice ripple effect.  The collar is wider than the other ones which gives it a more relax feel, but the material seems to be able to hold its shape well enough and the slight taper at the waist gives it a nice tailored look.
  5. Zara Coat with Lapels – A super long coat is not something I usually go for because I’m short, but this one button long coat with the barely there collar looks almost like it’s a large blanket, it looks so comfortable I couldn’t resist adding it on the list.  The material looks similar to the coatigan, something that’s soft but in a coat shape/cut, and with the length this long it means the coat will flow nicely on the bottom when you walk.
  6. Zara Faux Leather Belted Coat with Piping – This coat is more on the causal side, collard-less and very drape-y, the one thing that makes this coat different than all the other casual coat is the faux leather trim on it.  Faux leather has been very popular because it adds a little edge to any item you put them on, I especially like the trim because it gives a clear definition to the coat so you won’t lose the edge of the coat when layering it with other items.
On my mind lately #4

6 thoughts on “On my mind lately #4

    1. Shopping diet is the perfect description of our situation! Right now I’m shopping for Christmas gifts for others so that is kind of helping me get through my “I’m so deprived from not shopping!” phase, but I can’t wait to actually get some cozy items for the cold! This below freezing temperature is killing me.

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