Candle addict

FullSizeRenderI scored these awesome smelling candles from T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago, they’re made by this brand called DW Home based in California, I’ve never heard of them but I’m really glad I stumble upon them!  I love the minimalist branding and packaging, and for those of you that knows me know that a good packaging design is definitely one of my weaknesses, especially ones I can save and use for other purposes later on (I’m envisioning one of them being my new brush holder and the other a mini flower vase for the room!).  The woodwick is unlike any candle I’ve ever purchased, I was kind of skeptical at first thinking it will burn through the candle really quickly, but I’m pleasantly surprised and almost think I prefer the woodwick because since they hold their shape you don’t have to worry about it burning off center and creating an uneven burn in your candle.

I love them both, but right now I especially love the Alpine Citrus because it reminds me of Christmas, and sitting by the fire with a big Christmas tree by your side is one of the most relaxing scene I can think of during the colder months.  The Black Rose Oud is also very beautiful, more on the sweet floral side that will be very fitting for spring.  I don’t think they’re widely available yet, so if you’re interested in trying one make sure to keep an eye out when you’re at T.J. Maxx!

Candle addict

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