On my mind lately #1

Instead of buying and blogging, I’m starting this series of “on my mind lately” where I can share with you items that interest me in, limiting to one style/category per post.  This way I get to introduce multiple items in different style/color/fit at once and at the same time not break my bank (and the rule of my capsule wardrobe challenge).

To celebrate the arrival of cool weather, the first installment I’ll be talking about some of the Parkas that I’ve been styling in my mind for the even colder weather time.  Take a look at my picks!

  1. 1 Madison Faux Fur Trim Anorak Parka is this little gem I found while browsing Nordstrom!  I was actually looking for a military green parka but stumble across this “dark olive” one and I’m completely in love with the detail of this jacket.  It is not too busy, not too boring, and the gold buttons add a little touch to the look of the jacket which makes it just interesting enough but not overwhelming.  The shape of this parka is also more feminine, less military like and more coat like.  The color is darker compare to the normal military green parka so it doesn’t appear as casual.  I also really love the length as it goes halfway down your thighs which helps keeps you warm with the extra cover in the winter (that extra 6 inches really makes a difference).
  2. ASOS Parka With Detachable Faux Fur Lining & Hood in Tobacco is a parka that is cute and sexy at the same time.  I like the color of the fur compare to the other 2 color option because it seem more mature.  This one is even longer that covers down almost to your knees which is amazing!  You also have the adjustable waist and bottom option where you can tighten it up to avoid wind blowing up your jacket.  The one down side with this jacket for me is that it has those strings where you can adjust according to you waist size are exposed instead of hidden on the inside of the jacket, which could be annoying when using the bathroom (just being realistic here…) and can also be caught on things if you’re not careful.
  3. Piperlime Collection Faux Fur Anorak is pretty much what I had in mind when I started my search for a military green parka style jacket!  A relaxed style jacket that hits just below hips makes it a perfect fit for a petite girl like me.  The faux fur lining also makes it more interesting when the jacket is unzipped, and the color green is beautiful.  The only issue I have with it (or with the website to be exact) is that I cannot see the exterior detail of the jacket, the front view only shows you the image above and it’s pretty much impossible to tell how the jacket will look when zipped, which is one of my concerns because I’m picky with the way they look when zipped as it will most likely be how I would wear it in the winter.
  4. H&M Lined Parka is the cheaper option of them all.  I like how sophisticated and clean it looks, the fur collar I can imagine will keep your neck warm and fuzzy at all times.  This “parka” looks more like a coat compare to the others especially if you take off the detachable hood, which makes it a great option if you want something with a more formal look.  It does not specify online whether it is fully lined or not, and I doubt it will be warm enough for below 30 weather if it’s not.  So if your winter gets below 30 I would suggest find one in the store and check it out first.  And if anything this is a great late fall/early winter jacket.
  5. S13/NYC Adirondack Faux Fur Lined Parka has a super fuzzy fur lining on the inside that looks so comfortable I just want to snuggle in it.  It looks more fluffy compare to the other ones, which gives it more of a cute vibe, but the military green and style of the outer shell still has a cool/edgy feel.  It is also a little shorter compare to the other, which has a more playful and casual look in my opinion.  Again, not sure if the sleeves are lined with fur as it did not specify on the website, but even with just the body being lined with fur I think it will be cozy enough for slightly below 30 weather.

The one down side about shopping online is you can never be quite sure on what the quality of the jacket is going to be – Is the fur going to be soft to the touch?  Is the lining thick enough for snow days?  Is it going to be comfortable?  Will it itch? – So I definitely suggest going to the store and try them on, or if they’re not available in store you can always order and return if they don’t work out (thank goodness for free shipping and return on the majority of the sites).

*images from the internet*

On my mind lately #1

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