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I finally cracked open my Diptyque Baies candle!  I was very excited to start this one because a lot of bloggers claim this as their favorite.  After opening it and lighting it I have to say, it is a beautiful scent but it’s a little too strong for my taste.  I really love the subtle scent of Figuier because it’s very calming and relaxing, the Baies on the other hand is stronger, in your face and kind of wakes me up when I smelled it.  Baies is a good day time scent where you want to be awake, are moving around and being more active, but a little too much for a night where you just want to rest, which is usually when I like to light a candle.

I enjoy both my Diptyque candles in different ways, tho they’re definitely on the expensive side and are more of a “once in a while splurge” item, they’re nice to have on the days where you just need a little pick me up.  It’s really hard for me to find a scent that I’m comfortable with, so I’m glad I had a good experience with Diptyque on my first try.

What’s your favorite Diptyque scent and what do you think I should try next?


3 thoughts on “Baies

  1. Uff I just wrote a comment and WordPress deleted it, wah!
    You just pointed out what I could never put my finger on with Baies – it’s not necessarily the scent that bothers me so much as how in your face (and nose) it is, all at once! My Figuier obsession continues, but lately I’m also liking Feu de Bois, which smells like a clean, luxe bonfire, if that makes any sense. It is a strong scent though, so head over to Nieman’s for a test smell before committing to it!

    1. Yeah I agree! I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer more of the wood scent that smells like cabin and vacation, floral oriented scent is just a little too much for me… so hopefully this will help narrow things down when I go to the store and test smell!

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