Dreaming of stripes

topshop stripe aline dress

Recently during my Chicago trip I stopped by the Topshop store on the Magnificent Mile to browse around, when I saw this dress hanging on the rack I took a good minute just standing there admiring it because it was so beautiful.  I found out later it’s a dress Beyonce had worn before!  I don’t really keep up on celebrity fashion but it was cool to know I have the same taste as Bey and/or her stylist *pats self on back*.  Now back to the dress, the fabric is kind of weird and out of the ordinary, stiff and upholstery like, but the silky surface is very comfortable to the touch and the cut of this dress looks very cute and classy.  I didn’t get it since it doesn’t really fit my lifestyle, which means I probably won’t wear very often, but it was so beautiful I just had to share!  In case any of you is looking for a new dress to add to your wardrobe that can be worn to a classy dinner or just a brunch date with friends, this is definitely one you should consider!

What fashion pieces have you been dreaming of lately?

*image from Nordstrom.com*

Dreaming of stripes

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