Matte about you

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Ever since I found out Essie came out with a matte top coat Matte About You (don’t you just love the names of all Essie nail polish?), I’ve been trying to find it in the store.  For a person who loves online shopping as much as I do, I don’t buy nail polish online because I want to be able to put the nail polish color on right away, the one instant gratification I care about I suppose.  So every time I step foot into CVS and Target I check the nail polish section to see if they have it, but I always came out empty handed.

Today when I stopped by CVS to grab some makeup removing towelettes, I saw them, sitting right there on the top corner of the Essie shelve waiting for me to take them home.  I was so excited I almost sprint out of there without grabbing what I was supposed to get.  When I got home I immediately tried it out, and the result is wicked!  The matte looks so cool, it gives the nail polish an interesting texture and makes the very bold and out there colors a little more muted so it’s not as obtrusive.  The formula is a little strange to me at first because as soon as it touches the surface it starts to turn matte, which gave the illusion that it’s thickening/drying before I could finish applying it, but after the initial shock this formula is just like any Essie nail polish, easy to apply and drys in a decent time.

This is definitely something cool and different than your usual nail polish, it might take some time to get used to, and some people might not like the look, but it is definitely a lot of fun to play around with and see how it effects the different colors nail polish.  Have you tried the matte top coat by Essie?

Matte about you

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