TJ Maxx budget find: Rebecca Minkoff

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A little side note: I’m always afraid to use my newly purchased items because I have this irrational fear that they’ll get dirty if I use them, either food or drinks will spill on them, they’ll get dirty from walking around outside, or me or one of my coworkers will accidentally ink them at work (yes that’s a thing and it happens more often than I like).  So I keep them at home and admire them for a really long time before finally build up the courage to take them out.  I can’t be the only one that does this right? right?

So instead of showing it off in real life, I’m going to show it off here on the blog first!  I really love this bag, it is a small cross body bag that is the perfect size for both a day out and a night out.  The color is very refreshing and goes well with everything, from an all white outfit to an all black outfit.  It’s a great bag for the summer and fall, and has the potential to carry into the winter to lighten up the darker outfits.  Unlike the M.A.C. and the Mini M.A.C. which to me has more of a party look, this bag is casual enough to wear on the weekend to the farmers market, and at the same time formal enough to wear out to a nice formal dinner.

This bag will definitely be one of my go to bags for the weekends (when I finally have the courage to take it out, haha).  What’s your go to cross body bag?

TJ Maxx budget find: Rebecca Minkoff

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